Monday, January 3, 2011

Positive Mental Attitude....

Happy New Year!! Okay, whether or not it remains a "Happy New Year" is to be seen. Unlike most people, I'm not going to start the year with claims of how "this is gonna be my year" or similar statements. Either the year will or won't be good, but I sure as hell won't know 'til the end of it. Even then, I have no intention of bitching every five minutes throughout the year if things aren't going my way. "PMA Andy, PMA", as OA would say. Thanks OA!

Which brings to mind, a quote I live by and have gone so far as to immortalize on my skin: "Start every day off with a smile, and get it over with"; words spoken by W.C. Fields. It tells me to wake up every day and smile no matter what. Even fake a smile if I have to fake one. In projecting a smile to others, perhaps the positivity I see reflected in their faces will turn my false sense of positivity into a true sense. :)

However, I digress.

The following will be a series of entries in which I will post a photo, and short explanations that go with the photo (or photos). As the title of the blog says, it's a 365 Day Photo Project.

Why do I do it? To test myself find amazing in mundane, the beautiful in normal, the extraordinary in the ordinary. Maybe it's just to have something to do.

And though I have full intentions to share my work, I'm not really doing it for the enjoyment of others. More so for the last reason mentioned in the above paragraph; it's something to do. Even more important to me is to stick with it and see time pass through pictures.

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