Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 28: Happy 21st Burrfday Megan!!

Yes, I have a goofy smile. Yes, the burrfday hat is way to the side. Yes...I'm also sandwiched between two very, very super saucy wenches; and by "wenches" I mean "the awesomest, most delicious looking, quite clever, irresistible women on Earf"!

Had a hell of a blast at Megan's (she's the blonde) birthday Friday night. Was proud to see her not get as crazy as I was, or many were, on the night of their 21st birthdays. She definitely drank well, and even took an Irish Car Bomb like a champ, but was quite a responsible young lady.

Now....which direction to go with this... Shall I go on about age differences, and how I live somewhat vicariously through my slightly younger friends; how the occasional moment can make me aware how immature I was at that tender, young age? Shall I bring up instead, the wisdom in moderation of alcohol, which honestly I have not displayed on several occasions?

Hmmm.....neither topic interests me now, and the night grows cold. My bed calls to me.....

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