Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 149: The Cowboy

Not feeling too damn peachy right now; stomach is on the fritz. After a good meal too, though not so good as to be compared with the selection at the Crazy Cowboy.

Oddly enough, for the longest time I didn't give a shit about the place. You can only be burned so many times by less than stellar food before you stop going. After a year's hiatus, I finally made my way back there and had a meal that rocked my damn socks off. Since that meal, it has been all uphill. I haven't had a bad experience there in almost a seven months.

It's so good I almost bit my finger much like mah pardner there.

Day 148: Molly's First Irish Car Bomb!

Irish Car Bombs are not for the meek and mild, though sometimes they can let me know that I am, in fact, not the boss. Half a glass of Guiness, with a shot glass of Bailey's and Jameson (Irish Cream & Whiskey). Drop the shot in the tall glass and chug. Tasty shit to be sure, but even two in a night are not recommended. More so if they're taken in with half a dozen PBRs and two shots of Fireball. Yeah...that happened.

Molly was a trooper, and she downed the car bomb. Though she did several other shots as well, and looked a little unsteady by the end of the night, she proved her self a champ.

Day 147: Mah Hurr Did

After four years of having short hair and paying less than $10 for a hair cut, I really am not a fan of paying $17 for my hair cuts. That being said....I'm reminded, after having my mother attempt a military style cut, just why I think $17 can be quite a bargain.

She's good with women's hair and the noggins of pre-pubescent lil' boys who like a simple and bland cut.

Never again....*sigh*....

Day 146: Down On The Corner

Ya' know, I didn't put a lot of rules onto my 365 day project, and I realize that there are going to be many days that look suspiciously like another day, from time to time. A hell of a year to do it as well, because I really have had little motivation to really get out and see the world. I keep saying warm weather is coming and I'll get out more, and find stuff to shoot, which I will.

I suppose it's still nice with shots like these. Good hometown shots. Familiar shots of the places I live, work, play and see on a regular basis.

Day 145: Bonfire at the Bastion of Backhand Billy Buffcock's!!

Two days prior Buffcock had mentioned wanting to put together something a little more..."buff" looking for his firepit. Up to that point, he was rocking one of those small metal jobs that come with a cover. Cool and convenient though it was, it didn't hold heat as well, and consequently you had to really get close to the fire to feel the heat. While this isn't a bad thing when you're purposely encouraging a fine young lady to get a bit cozier, if you get my drift ;)

So...Monday afternoon, after a few warm drinks to help lift the mood on a cloudy day, we found ourselves at Menards picking out bricks to make a wall. We only picked up enough to run the first level around the pit's perimeter, but liking the way it looked, we ran out to pick up the rest and - in the dark - finished putting it up in the dark.

A week later came the first opportunity to actually fire it up (bad pun intended), and this photo is showing the fruits of our labor.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 144: Not Sure What She's About...

Really, this shot is lousy for angles, but pay close attention to her hair. She has more clips and ties in her hair than you'd find at a bondage & swingers convention in Berlin (Sick fuckin' Germans). Not only are there far too many accessories in her hair, she has these two little top-knots sticking out to the side.

Not that I'm one to hate on personal preference.....okay, yes I am, but that's not the point! She just looks goofy as shit. 12 year old girls do that sort of thing! And I'm guessing she has about 30 - 40 years on any 12 year old girl I've ever seen.

Day 143: Sticky Burger @ The Roadhouse

Ignore the chips. Ignore the lower half of the burger. Draw your attention to the thick looking substance on upper half of the bun. If you're guess is that it looks like peanut butter, then you win a cookie. Not that I'm going to give you any damn cookie, but I give you permission to eat one.

If you're gagging at the thought of peanut butter on your burger, let me fill you in on the whole shebang. Burger, onions, bacon (score!), BBQ sauce, and peanut butter. Think you could dig on that? Don't think so? Well, let me run a few other tried and beloved food combinations in the same vein.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a breakfast to me is an assortment of eggs, toast, pancakes, bacon and sausage and so on. My two favorite components of any breakfast are pancakes and bacon, though good sausage - bulk, not links - will work in a pinch.

How many times have you accidentally let the syrup from your pancakes touch the bacon? Hm? Maybe you're one of those people who just doesn't let it happen. And it's all good. You don't dig, you don't dig, but likely it has happened, and like many others you have found it to be indescribably delicious. The maple syrup flavor almost goes better with the bacon than it does with the actual intended target of the pancakes. The tear-worthy mixture of sweet and salty hits your tongue ushering you into a new world of loveliness. The duos of milk & cookies, PB & J, Amos & Andy, lovemaking & powertools should count syrup and bacon amongst them.

Running with the beautiful taste of the two mixed together, I want you to consider other examples you might have never thought workable. Frosty & french fries, Cap'n & Coke, chocolate covered pretzels, and, my personal favorite, chocolate covered bacon. I'm pretty limited in the weird combination arena myself, though I also consider Bareman's & Jackson Style Coney Dogs to be a match made in heaven.

Point being: could you, after the few examples I've made, be willing to give it a try? I haven't tried it yet, that burger was someone else's, but I'm in the mood to do so. What do you think? Are you up to it? Or there other combinations you'd like to point out? Does the whole concept seem disgusting to you?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 142: Rapture In Progress?

Million dollar question: is the photo of a soul in the process of being Raptured? -OR- Is the photo of a streetlight?

I have an intense sense of faith, but really people? The guy was wrong before, and he'll be wrong again. Then again.....what if he's right...this time?!?!?

Day 141: Forget Annay & Me, Look At The Background

Okay, I'm heading to the floor to do some crunches, then to the park to walk/run some good laps, then I'm promptly coming home and running a wood shaver over the flesh on my neck, stomach and other problem areas.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 140: Yes, I'm aware they're crappy screen shots...

October 16th, 2001: Smallville debuted to television courtesy of the CW (then the WB). It's purpose was to entertain us while chronicling the fictional person we would all come to iconicize as "Superman."

While many of the initial episodes were irritating with all of the "meteor freaks" running rampant with superpowers to give Clark a taste of super powered adversaries, the show as a whole began to run less like a tweenie drama and more like a comic book. Certain seasons - as a whole - were laughable at best, but for 10 years I avidly awaited each episode as in many cases it was the end to a dreary and stressful day.

Many a great ties to the original movies led me to love the show even more so. Music from John Williams' scores were lent to the show and added such a feeling of nostalgia that every fan boy cell in my body was screaming out in orgasmic, dorky ecstacy. Annette O'Toole was cast in the role of "Ma' Kent." In the films she played the role of Lana Lang. Margot Kidder also rocked it out in a couple episodes. AND JUST BEFORE YOU THOUGHT MY ASS WAS GERIATRIC.....Christopher "He Made Us Believe A Man Could Fly" Reeve had a several episode stint.

Yes....I shed tears. Fuck you if you judge me.

There were several deviations from comic books that the writers of the show took severe liberties with, which were at times more than okay. Doomsday, however, was a creature who never should have made an appearance on the show. Brainiac was nicely done. The random appearances of the Martian Manhunter was handled extremely well, especially the "Oreo" placement letting us know it was him after all. Many other characters had excellent roles to share in the show, but none so as awesome as Alexander "Lex" Luthor, a role Rosenbaum played better than any of his other film counterparts (Sorry Gene & Kevin).

Many a viral jokes were had due to the series, such as the back and forth banter concerning whether or not Clark or Lana were ever gonna "bone" or not. Yes, Darius, they never boned....ON CAMERA! It was implied many times over that there was some interspecies action going on though, and that's all that matters. And no, I never even had to write my letter.

Furthermore, for Gary "Soon To Be Dead Courtesy Of My Highly Trained, Committee Ruled, Spinning Zangief Pile Driver Doling Out, Ninjas" Colon....Lana can choke on a big fat piece of poop! Cute though she may have been, she wasn't that hot and look at what else she hasn't really proven herself in. Chloe.....simply has nothing to prove. She's just perfect....

May 13th, 2011 marked the end of a decade of the only show I actively watched on television. An end to a decade of geekiness, checking up regularly on, swooning over Chloe, and constantly getting pissed off because Kal-El was stunted in development and couldn't yet take to the skies. In short...I will miss the show. Plagued with irritations though it may have been, it was still a very well done show and it's sad to see it end.

Now.....I'm praying that Zack Snyder can do with Superman what a silly television station and so-so writers did, or at least something as satisfying. It couldn't be worse than the last three film attempts, can it?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 139: Masters and Batter....

I love friends, making friends, getting in touch with old friends, making out with some friends (of the female variety), etc...

Some friends I have never met before. These are the online friends that I have come across through other friends online or met through random searches online. Sometimes it might be a random comment that opens the dialogue and results in a virtual friendship. That's been the case in many a Facebook-Friends.

This past Saturday I had the distinct pleasure of making the acquaintance of one of those friends; Miss Andrea. In the short course of our online friendship, we've had several chats, many a funny comments exchanged, and learned several things about each other. Meeting this sexy beast in the flesh, however, was much better than any virtual correspondence that could be had.

As a funny token of geek-love, she made some pancakes for me. Can you guess who the pancakes are modeled after? Hmm?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 138: He's Our Hero!

Now, I understand the importance of "going green." I really do. Doing anything we can to help out Mother Nature and reduce our carbon foot prints on the planet is not only necessary, but it's becoming fashionable. Everywhere you look you see people sporting some form of fashion either made organically or locally - which is good - and driving less and using foot power, or even utilizing mass transit to get 'round town.

Don't get me wrong, this is all a great start, but it does have a tendency to bother me that eco - friendly movements have been around for some time, but only now that it's making headlines are people becoming apt to listen.

Visit a city like Detroit and visibly see the pollution. Watch a NYC traffic jam and take a guess at home much gas is being burnt as the cars idle. Make a note of how many lights are on in the average office building whether or not the rooms/building are/is in use.

Okay.....this started to turn into a political/sociocultural blog entry, which wasn't my goal so I'll cut it off there.

Really, my original intent was to make fun of Cap'n Planet flag waving ass hats. Check that...."Captain" Planet. Cap'n makes me think pirate, which is far cooler than Captain Planet will ever be. Jus' Sayin'...

Day 137: Definitely Not Bareman's

Proceeding to raid Annay's fridge, I noticed that there was on the shelf a half gallon of chocolate drink. Why don't I actually call it "chocolate milk?"


Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 136: So Young She Knows Not What She Does

Okay, she's safe, but I like to joke about my uncontrollable urges regarding a woman - young lady in this case - adorning her pods with Chuck Taylor's All-Stars. In any event, a less attractive girl wearing Chucks will be instantly made more attractive just by wearing them. Normal girls, preppy girls, grunge girls, punk girls, country girls....throw that girl in a pair of Chucks and it's instant eroticism clouding all of my judgment.

Wearing Chucks in different situations appeals to me. Weddings? I would bet a lot of dough that it's already happened. Graduations? A given. There are so many cases where wearing Chucks makes a person or situation extra cool.

She totally doesn't look happy in this pic, but who knows? Proms always seemed like more hype than actual fun.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 135: A Different View

Last Friday night, my night of friends, cards, coffee and hot baristas, my crew and I were a bit late in getting upstairs to find a good seat. In the end, we took up camp in the corner far from our usual booth on the North wall.

As alarming as it was to my CDO, initially at least, it ended up being a very entertaining change. It offered a new and appealing view of the place. It also removed us from the direction of the speakers so we weren't blasted by anything that evening. *SCORE*

Day 134: Vernie's Cousin

Okay, I'm getting way behind on this blog, so here's a rushed entry....

Every so often we have another dawg to care for, and that mongrel is my sister's pooch, London. Yes, she's a fun dog. No, she's not as fun as Laverne. Nowhere near as well trained. And in my personal opinion, not even a fraction of the cuteness as possessed by my Vernie.

Day 133: I"m super pissed.... myself. I had a total of seven photos to pick for Wednesday. I say "had" because I no longer have them. I transferred them over, but somehow they're no longer in my iPhoto collection. I've done a search using the sequential numbers that they would have (as they're taken) to no luck.

So.....without much Fanfare, I offer you another pic from a single event to stand in it's place. I'll get the street sign pics again, but oddly felt compelled to somehow admit my mistake and think on it. 133 days before I made a mistake with the system I have going. Not too shabby really.

Okay, minor correction. This and the previous day's photo were from Wednesday, and the lost one was from Tuesday. It was on Wednesday night the fire happened.

Man....I really need to update everyday.

Day 132: First Fire of the Summer

Courtesy of Cap'n Backhand Billy Buffcock!!

All in all it was a splendid night. Nothing really stuck out as monumental nor worthy of special note in the annals of history. Just good times, cold beers, lovely friends (Not you Bill), and sch'mores. And some kick ass thunder too.

Like I said, nothing stellar, just good. Sometimes, it's the "good" that really is remember as the best. Does that make any sense?

Day 131: Freshly Made with Clean Sheets

Now, usually I'm anal retentive about changing my sheets, as well as a great many other things. However, I've been in a bit of funk for some time. Preoccupied with many other thoughts and things to do, and it took me a bit longer than normal to change my sheets.

Mind you, my sheets, bed, and room have not begun smelling of anything...unnatural, but I definitely will not share just how long it took me to change my sheets. Just let it be known that I am very, VERY amazed it didn't smell bad. You'd think I didn't sweat or even get dirty at all. Believe me, when my body stanks, I admit it and remedy that.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 130: Mafia Gear

Granted, the tag line above wasn't that witty, but I'll give you a high five if you catch the reference.

It's my first item ever posted to Craigslist or any other self-selling site. Not that I don't like the leather jacket, but I don't need, don't see myself wearing it anytime soon, and could use the money from selling it.

I'm sorry peeps....having a bit of a rough day and my thoughts aren't staying on track like they should. I'd much rather write when I'm in a better mood, but I hate feeling behind.

Day 129: Shitter's Full

Okay, this shitter isn't really filled to capacity at all. Rather it just struck as me as pretty rough looking the other day.

Thinking about the rest of the day's events, I come to a funny memory. In "Stripes," SGT Hulka gives a little spiel about training Bill Murray and company how to walk, talk, shoot and shit like a soldier in the US Army. God that was such a great movie; might watch it tonight even. Kinda need something to bring me back up.

Day 128: Corner of....

No story, no thoughts....I was just catching some fresh air and decided to capture some of at which I was staring.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 127: My Bacon Sistuh!

My humor is a bit crass at times (say it ain't so). Often, it's misinterpreted as blatant rudeness. Such as in the case of another Jackson Coffee Co employee, "Danger."

At the meeting of Danger and myself, we were talking about Chinese food and how awesome it is to sit down and go to town with a favorite genre food. I felt I'd stumbled upon a kindred spirit, a fellow "fat kid." Of course, never should one just spit out "fat kid" to anyone that was at one point a much heavier person than they are now. For the record, she's a very, very lovely person. Giggitus Maximus!

Madeline and I didn't have quite as similar meeting, though I won't say it was any more cordial. It centered around...Bacon.

After meeting my bacon brother in JCo, I've run a bit of a joke on the employees there that I don't know well; to test them if I'll get along with them. In most cases the test starts as a simple question: "do you like Bacon?" In their answer is no, I follow up with the questions, "are you Jewish" or "are you vegetarian?" Those are the only two excusable reasons I can think of for not liking Bacon, but if they aren't Jewish or vegetarian and they still do not like Bacon than I am wary around them. Madeline was one of those who said "no" to the first question, and also to the following questions. Also didn't help that at first we really had no chemistry at JCo. Not that there was anything wrong with her, but a friendship wasn't there for some time.

Since then, she has become one of my very favorite people to see at JCo. Though I don't see her often enough, and I have to endure her absences in Coffee Co companionship during the summers as she retires to a less abysmal place of residence out West (*sob*), I've come to love her disposition and presence at JCo. I dare say, I'd be excited as all hell to see her out of the coffee shop, at a firing perhaps. *WINK WINK*

And for the record, she has since dug deep and found her innate love of Bacon, thus also establishing herself as my Bacon Sister.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 126: Another Nice Sight

No story to go with this. It's more a continuation of Monday's photo in that I became aware of a beautiful sight. Not overly beautiful and I know that few people will glorify the quality of the photograph itself. I just appreciated the visual of sun making it's presence known through the trees.

Day 125: Ole' Friend, Great Friends...

A good friend said it best: there are acquain - tances, there are good friends, and then there are great friends with whom you can pick up a conversation months or years after the last one and continue as if only minutes had passed.

Yes....this girl is one of those people. Though the younger sister of one my best friends, she has become an equally great best friend through sheer conversational compatibility. There are people with whom you can talk to, and it's good. Then there are people with whom you talk and it's as if the conversation was choreographed and as if the two of you were meant to have that conversation.

Day 124: Decent View...

Late in the day I looked out my bedroom window and had a pleasant thought: it looks like Spring out there. There isn't any snow, there isn't any rain, and there isn't any gloom in the skies, though you can't really see that because I'm not taking a pic of the sky (just take my word for it).

It's funny. When it gets to a certain point, I begin wearing shorts regardless of the temperature. It might only be 60 degrees Fahrenheit peak temperature of the day, but my ass is in Summer mode and I want to show off skin.

Pants still have a very prominent role, because I'm more likely to wear pants on the bike than shorts, though I'll still wear shorts on the bike when the weather hits high 80's and I'm only rolling around town.

I'm ready for shorts and flip flops. Girls in summer dresses. Swim suits, sandals, ball caps and sunglasses, ice cream on a hot day, and beer out on the deck with a grilled boiger in my hands. Sleeveless shirts while flying down the hallway on two wheels. Falling asleep on a lake front. Camping in tents.....the list could go on forever.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 123: Twinkies Taste Jesus #1

Yes, I know the title of this blog entry lacks the respect and import of the situation, but let me make a point so you understand my distaste for this event.

First communion is a wonderful thing. The entire Eucharist is a wonderful and mind boggling thing. Transubstantiation...don't even get me started there.

However, I feel as if First Communion is pushed on children. While the Holy Mother Church says that there must be sufficient knowledge of Christ in the mind of the person to receive the Body of Christ, there must also be sufficient mental capacity. Not to call my nieces out, but the world over of children that receive the Eucharist at that ripe age; I highly doubt these children have the capacity to truly understand the enormous gift and responsibility with which they're now shouldered.

I too received my first taste of the Lord in second grade, and let me tell you this: I only did it because it was expected. I really had no concept of the Lord at that time. Likely I prayed, but more out of mechanical habit and emulation of close family than out of a real sense of faith. Just like every other child at that stage, I received my first communion in my nice clothes, parents and grandparents looking on, and no real individual consideration to what I was doing. There was no fear of beating either, this was just something you did as a Catholic.

Indoctrination of the young in the ways of faith is tantamount to forcing an addiction of smoking
on a child. By the time they grow up, they just know it's the way things are. Thank God that we have all these smoking bans now, but I'll save that diatribe for another day.

My brother-in-law came into the Church at the approximate age of 35. Remembering his baptism, first communion, and confirmation as a member of the Catholic faith, I saw it as a beautiful thing. I saw it as a choice too. He was not raised to believe; he made the conscience choice to profess love of Christ and enter the church.

Watching him, and countless others since, I've come to the conclusion that this is the way it ideally should be. Would it lead to a breakdown and abandoning of culture? Not forcing it I mean, would that be detrimental to the continuation of faith's role?

Serious thoughts to be sure, but I haven't had my coffee yet this morning. Time to remedy that situation.

Day 122: This Is...

...Not the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I didn't detect any benevolent force guiding all things in the universe, and I sure as hell have no intention of selling weed for a living.

Caught on yet?