Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 139: Masters and Batter....

I love friends, making friends, getting in touch with old friends, making out with some friends (of the female variety), etc...

Some friends I have never met before. These are the online friends that I have come across through other friends online or met through random searches online. Sometimes it might be a random comment that opens the dialogue and results in a virtual friendship. That's been the case in many a Facebook-Friends.

This past Saturday I had the distinct pleasure of making the acquaintance of one of those friends; Miss Andrea. In the short course of our online friendship, we've had several chats, many a funny comments exchanged, and learned several things about each other. Meeting this sexy beast in the flesh, however, was much better than any virtual correspondence that could be had.

As a funny token of geek-love, she made some pancakes for me. Can you guess who the pancakes are modeled after? Hmm?

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