Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31: Cameras, cameras, cameras....

Final day of the month. What's next on the horizon? More photos of course!! But I'm embracing a theme this time around.

Despite an excellent suggestion to try macro shots out, I'm going to focus my attention to distanced/depth shots; roads, trails, paths, and the like. I've always been fond of them, and I'll try and center them around Jackson, but my occasionally branch out.

I'll keep my eye open for shots beyond these, in order to keep things random, but that will be main focus. I'm also going to start including more pics with myself in them. Not many, but I want to see myself a bit more. Vain? Perhaps...

Also, as I start reading more and more, I'm getting the urge to splurge on a new camera intended for more serious photography. Nothing expensive at all. Something entry level so I can get exposed to the world of photography and see if my interest, coupled with better equipment, can embrace it and foster an artistic talent of sorts.

The pic above is of my first digital camera, which happens to my 3rd camera ever owned. My first camera was a Spy Camera from Bill Cosby's campy spy classic "Leonard Part 6". The second camera was bought just prior to my Italy trip, and the camera above was bought prior to my excursion to Iraq. So yeah, that camera's a veteran....respect that shit!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30: The Path We Walk...

Taking a Sunday stroll around Cascades yesterday, I had at one point thought of life and it's complexities - the path that I have ahead in life, and the path that I traveled up to this point. Somewhere in that thought process I noticed that my eyes were following the path ahead, quite literally. So I grabbed my Canon and snapped a few shots. Several shots taken, but this photo won out, mostly due to the similar thoughts in my head at the time.

As this is my second to the last photo of the month, I begin turning my eyes to the remaining eleven months ahead. Should I continue just taking random photos? Should I set a theme for the photos, or would that be limiting myself? Maybe a specific object or taking photos of things that begin with a specific letter? I'm wondering....

After nearly a month in, I want to begin turning it into a project of artistic learning and expression. Looking up basic ideas/lessons in photography would be a good start. Take a class maybe, or become someone's padawan learner.

Any suggestions? Where will this path lead me and can you offer any advice?

Day 29: Coffee, Boredom & Homework Trees

Ever get to the point where you lose a sense of direction in a given task and create something ridiculous? That's just what these ladies have done the other day at the Jackson Coffee Co. Finding no motivation in their study time, they decided to create a "homework tree".

Just a few months back, I had to really dig deep and remember how to fold a "cootie catcher". Remember those? Brings to mind a number of childish things I have done over the years, with particular fondness of the sixth grade.

Using a large bag of industrial rubber bands, I cut and tied them together with the intent of creating an extremely large rubbed band with the capability of stretching for quite a large distance. Then you could put a paper football in one end, and use it as a slingshot. Yes, I made more than a couple because my sixth grade teacher, Miss Schweda kept taking them away from me.

A friend and I, Herr Karatz, used to forge makeshift ninja weapons out of random materials. Divider strips for carpets/floors being used to make katanas. Hunks of wood and dog chains being used for nunchuks. Bo staffs were simple enough. And this all happened because were young boys crazy about some mutated turtles trained in ninjitsu.

Wasting time...can potentially lead to the best of times!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 28: Happy 21st Burrfday Megan!!

Yes, I have a goofy smile. Yes, the burrfday hat is way to the side. Yes...I'm also sandwiched between two very, very super saucy wenches; and by "wenches" I mean "the awesomest, most delicious looking, quite clever, irresistible women on Earf"!

Had a hell of a blast at Megan's (she's the blonde) birthday Friday night. Was proud to see her not get as crazy as I was, or many were, on the night of their 21st birthdays. She definitely drank well, and even took an Irish Car Bomb like a champ, but was quite a responsible young lady.

Now....which direction to go with this... Shall I go on about age differences, and how I live somewhat vicariously through my slightly younger friends; how the occasional moment can make me aware how immature I was at that tender, young age? Shall I bring up instead, the wisdom in moderation of alcohol, which honestly I have not displayed on several occasions?

Hmmm.....neither topic interests me now, and the night grows cold. My bed calls to me.....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 27: What'cha lookin' at Vernie?

Laverne has this habit of focusing on something, and often we have no idea what it is. I'd say it's staring off into open air, but she seems so intensely set on something specific. Body's tense, and for a few minutes she can't be distracted. In this pic, I even was able to move my arms around and take a pic before she finally lost interest in whatever it was that held her attention.

Ever wonder about dogs? We're told they can't see colors the same way we can, but are they really that blind? Can they see other spectrums of light? Maybe spirits? Ghosts?!

We can learn a lot from our dogs. They require very little, but what they most desire is so simple and so profound: Love....that's all they really want or need. Give it to them, and you've developed a connection that is stronger than most anything else on Earth. Love....

On the thought of "love", there will be a heckuva blog/photo in the weeks to come.

Peace out for now, time to go wish a friend a happy 21st!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 26: Tano Uses Macs

So what if I took Star Wars related pics two days in a row?!?! WHAT'CHU GONNA DO 'BOUT IT?!?!

My fellow Fanboys & Fangirls should know who this is, and if you don't we can no longer talk....ever.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25: A long time ago, in a bakery far, far away....

Was having a bit of an irritating day. Part as a result of my own inability to process certain stresses, but also as a result of lack of sleep.

However, I walked in the house today, to find a small box awaiting me. In said box, a set of four cookie cutters pictured to the right. If there is any doubt in your mind as to what they are of, you need to slap yourself....with a shovel....crusted over with tetanus....and the plague.

And I say to you....Mr Eric Kline, should your begonias ever need massaging, I'm your man.

Cookies will be made very soon.... :)

Day 24: Kids....Ugh...

Hehe....I was taking sneak shots of my nieces the other day, but it was this one that wins! Oh, that's popcorn in her mouth, in case you were wondering.

One of the shots is with their nostrils flaring, but I decided against that one because they're also showing me their ABC'ed food.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 23: Kill, Kill, Kill!!!

There are a whole slew of photos I could have used, but near the end of the day a few more photo opportunities presented themselves.

Two of four sisters decided to stay overnight, and took over the big bed. Being the brother that I am, there is no way I'm going to let them rest easy without a little hassling.

The initial torture occurred with me pinching my sisters with a grabber device of my parents; those devices given to a patient who had some type of joint replacement and it aids in picking things up off the floor. The I moved onto using an icicle of the eaves from the front porch. THEEEEEN using a couple of ice packs that happened to be on the front porch, I booby trapped the bed (when she was in the bathroom) by stuffing the ice packs at the bottom of the bed where her feet would rest. ;)

Yes, I am an ass, but a beloved ass.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 22: But Vernie It's Cold Inside....

Not the most interesting photo, nor will there be a big story with this one.

While I was working on yesterday's blog, this little fur ball settled in next to me. Thinking it cute, and feeling a bit cold myself, I wrapped the blanket she was lying on closer to her body to help keep her warm. Every so often I had to check on her because for several hours she didn't budge an inch.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 21: I'm such a tool....

Yesterday was a rough day remembering my camera. Yes, I took a few shots here and there, but I didn't give two shits for any of them. The featured shot, my late night wandering on Facebook, was a last second kind of thing. Just going around on the site, with nothing of a goal or focus in mind, I suddenly was overwhelmed with feelings of being a lame-o. I had spent a wonderful evening with a great friend, but then came home what? Wasn't in the mood for a book, wasn't in the mood for a movie. Parents were on the verge of passing out so conversation with them wasn't an option. I did have a moderately good FB conversation with a friend & mentor, but as I was feeling the impending need for sleep, I didn't feel my usual conversational skills were up to par.

What I'm feeling is necessary is a vacation away from technology. Camping...the ocean...somewhere I can unplug and get some sun. Too often lately I've been passing on my books and other things in favor of the internet and video games. And what do I really do online? Stare at Facebook and try and find entertainment elsewhere online. And this leads me to feeling like the people in those commercials, the ones who just start spouting random information about random facts they've discovered online. And it's not far from the truth! I spend so much time reading random shit - and that's what it really feels like; shit - online that I wonder if I've lost touch with what once I considered my valuable hobbies. Even now, I'm writing this on my computer, on a website designed to write and share. Though I suppose writing is more positive than just doing nothing. Even video games, which are highly wasteful, are preferrable to the almost mindless pointing and clicking of internet surfing. At least with a video games there is a broader sense of being engaged.

How to change, what to change....where do you start with something like this? I'm going to school, so it's not like I can really just up and get out of Dodge. I can't just leave everything behind to find myself again; find that independence from wasteful things.

There is a meditation retreat I have every intention of attending come the warmer months, but I've also intended to go long before now. It's a 10 day long retreat, a silent retreat where most items are prohibited. The only conversation you'll have is a with a teacher here and there. It's free, and the only *cost* is an optional donation. Maybe 10 days of silent introspection and meditation would be good for me; good for my soul and thoughts.

Maybe I'd walk out with a desire to smash electronics and computers and televisions. Maybe I'd walk out with the urge to begin living a minimalist lifestyle. Maybe I'd want to move to a tribal land or somewhere even powerlines have no reach. Maybe....

It's not really anyone's fault but my own, however, and however much I hate on things like Facebook or the television, it's my fault that I chose to give them my time.

Using FB as a replacement for social interaction is a joke. I have been suffering social anxiety in recent years. I often feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable at the thought of getting out with quite a few people. Relaxation does not come easily when I'm face with many social situations. A lack of confidence perhaps, but I think it's more a lack of patterns. In the past seven years, I've picked up a very strong hatred of changes of patterns. Mess with the furniture and I'm uncomfortable. A baby cries, it means there is a breakdown of their comort me that is another loss of preferred pattern. A desk being messy bothers me. I have so much distaste for my own home because it's not my own and lacks a pattern with which I find comfort. Friendships even....even if it's not my fault, I find so much stress in arguements with friends because of a breakdown of the pattern of how it should be.

God....I'm a wreck....

There are a few things that bring me absolute comfort. Smiles....hugs....Vernicious....doing something cool for friends (which is an odd conundrum because it may cause me to leave my comfort zone which is the beginning of the end mentally)....the list could go on, but I'm starting to feel superficial. "Love" comes to mind, but how to you give one specific example to love?

Jesus....I'm done now. Maybe this will be a series of blogs.

Final thought.....and even now, I'm trying to re-read my blog for errors of pattern, and mentally comparing my words to the works of people I really think are marvelous writers. *siiiiiiiigh*

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20: S'up Webcam (hehe)

Several photos were taken as a potential for today's shot, but as I was sitting at my 'puter I thought of using the built in web cam to take a shot. So I did. And here it is, without any artform to it, and with very little emotion or story behind it.

Yet, it's been for awhile now, to take an occasional snapshot of myself, post it, and be able to see myself throughout the year. Maybe once or twice a week, for interval spacing.

I think I'll do that. Once a week I'll include a shot of me in some form or fashion. With a friend, at school, studying, playing a game or whatever comes to mind. Whether it'll be a self shot in the style of MySpace profile pics, or if I have someone else take the shot. In the past I've even take weight loss progress photos to help motivate myself, so maybe I'll do that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I want it to go on record that I truly loathe the statement, "working hard or hardly working". Yes, I really do. It's one of those statements you often hear out of the mouth of a particular person believing him or herself to be a total laugh riot, when in fact they come across as a jackass. They're usually the same type of person who says "anyhoo", which also is enough to make me puke. I'd like to send them all back in time to WWII and leave them in place of the Jews in the concentration camps.

Years ago, I'd have never cared where I studied, not that I studied very much as high school student. Obviously enough to graduate, but not enough to really call my tenure as a JHS student a success. Usually studying consisted of loud music, television, and conversations with friends while books would be spread out in front of me. Yeah...enough said.

Several years ago, when I got my happy ass back into classes, I knew that sort of habit wouldn't work for me. With having a designated study area in mind, I took over one of the extra rooms at home and brought in some stuff. Featured here is the table I use as a desk, my Macbook, assorted accessories and my beloved "Nookie Jab" jar from a wonderful friend.

Though not all of my studying is done here. For those of you who are aware of my "usual Friday place of business", I often find myself in downtown Jackson at the Jackson Coffee Co, warming myself with a tasty beverage. Many a day was spent there applying myself to learning anatomy & physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and so on and so forth.

A sort of boring post, I must say, but I really felt no major inspiration to yank out my camera. Maybe that's why I'll never truly succeed as a photographer, but's not the goal of the project.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18: Genesis 2:2

"And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; before God could relax fully, he created chocolate milk and drank it and saw that it was good."

Chocolate Milk?
Chocolate Drink?
Sweet Nectar of the Gods?
Close, but no.
Jesus Juice?!
Getting warmer, but no.
Could it be? I it.....

Yes.....I'm that fond of it. Of which random item of a consumable nature are you paricularly fond?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17: Fat Kids & Comfort Foods

The past few months have not been very kind to me, but I have my methods to help pull through the darkness. Finding inspiration through reading. Borrowing strength from my friends. Reflecting that things could always be worse. All methods help, but there is one method that all of us chocolate milk lovin', pizza roll eatin', candy muchin', bane of Chinese buffets everywhere Louis Anderson look-a-likes the world over adhere to with an almost religious devotion: Eating...

By this point, if you still think that pic may be of an overweight, teenage boy's ass, then you really need to look closer.

Compliment's of Lil' Greaser's, that is a $5 special, "Hot 'n' Ready" pizza. Not the best pie in town, but the "Price is Right" (bitch) and the price happens to be the best seasoning. For $5 you can potentially feed a family of four (which is more than I can say about most Mexican men*). Throw in some crazy bread and pre-made salad, you have a very awesome meal for a few people that simply is the best value in town, as far as fast food goes.

And who doesn't like Pizza these days?

My favorite pizza in town is a hometown favorite: Jaxon Pizza Factory. You can go get the cheesiest pie in town (though I ask for lite cheese) and even the oddball Coney Dog Pizza, which happens to be a piece for another story later on. Even hated the place as a kid, because I knew Jaxon Pizza Factory meant enough cheese to gag a small cow. Ugh....

Then we also have Klavon's which is more of a gourmet, fancy, schmancy type of pizza, but nevertheless I dig 'em. Go grab a beer (which the Factory does not serve), nosh on a deep dish, and revel in the smokefree atmosphere, though I do hate that it's quite a drive just to get a meal. Though I've driven farther for sushi, so oh well.

Still, I'm more in the mood for the topic of depression foods. During the first two days marking the beginning of my shitstorm, I ate an order of cheesy bread (from Marco's) and a few ounces shy of 3lbs of cookie dough. Can I say...*GAG*?

In both cases, it was stress that made me want to eat like that, and it was stress that prevented me from truly enjoying either. I ate like a damn pig and then felt worse off.

How often does that happen to any of you? What's your favorite type of "feel better food"? And I'm not talking sentimental, comfort food. I'm talking your dog died, found out you owe the IRS, got dumped by a long time girlfriend/boyfriend type of food.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16: I'm very out of sorts tonight.

At the midway part of our drive way, this fence ends. It serves as the separation between our driveway and the house next door's, and it used to have a white picket fence on our side of it that wrapped all the way around our side yard. However things change and now in place of the yard we have a driveway.

What really I think about when I see this fence end is a lilac tree that used to run up between the post here and the white picket fence that is no longer there as well.

Things change and people are no exception. God heaven forbid I know I've changed. And not all of those changes are for the better. I have low tolerance for children, and I agonize going to family parties. On the other hand, I'm a more tenacious student than I ever have been.

The lack of tolerance with children is....well I'm not really sure. The noise they generate, perhaps. Their whining even. Many children even nowadays are the most disprespectful lil' sots I have ever come across. I'm so oddly opposed to children in recent years that my desire to ever have them is diminishing. And I suppose that can change; then again, maybe it won't.

Patterns being changed bother me. I settle into a routine and my mind doesn't handle it well when things are no longer the same. Even as something as stupid as a MySpace profile being rearranged can set me off because it's no longer how I last left it. Even the order of Mass changing can make me feel extremely uncomfortable. I get irritated looking at a bed that isn't made. I hate my room being a mess, and classmates know that unless my desk is arranged the right way, I'll keep fidgeting with things 'til my mind is satisfied.

Family parties give me anxiety. Not my siblings, but my extended family. Aunts, uncles, cousins....I can't look forward to seeing them, and I can't figure out why. They're all very beautiful and outstandingly pleasant people, and I have nothing but fond memories and emotions concerning them, but in recent years I agonize over the decision to go family parties. Making matters worse in this regard is the notion that I'm distancing myself from them by not going to the parties. That they'll think I'm being rude, when it's not that at all.

My anal retentive desire for patterns and inability to socially relax in certain situations have cost me relationships and friendships. Too often I find myself in a position of discomfort or disagreement and I respond in an over assertive way pissing people off.

Not sure where I'm going with this blog today.

My idea for these aren't meant to follow any form or structure. Just to get ideas out of my head that I can look back on and read. Maybe so others can read them too and offer suggestions.

Day 15: Beds & Buttholes

No, there is no wonderful story to this photo. I was getting ready for bed and thought I'd take a shot of my bed and write something in regards to sleep and the love/hate relationship I have with sleep.

Then I noticed my dog standing there looking quite silly with her butt in the pic, and I laughed because I know people will think I'm messed up posting this shot.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 14: Crossing the Rubicon....

I love games! Board games in particular, but video games, card games and the silly little games we used to play as children; i.e. hide-n-seek, Red Rover, etc.

Friday evening I made a triumphant return to my Friday place of business with a goal in mind. My goal: to throw down some cards and light up the Euchre world! So...I sent out the challenge to a number of friends to come join for several rounds and maybe a gourmet coffee while we're at it.

Three friends answered the call, and answered with vigor!

My friends Bill, Jen and Katie were in attendance and we got down to it. Of course, the energy surrounding the game was less serious as we talked random topics, commented on the live, acoustic music, and life in general. It was good night, and I was glad to share it with friends.

Some of the plans we started to make was to meet up again, and once again play some games. Scrabble maybe. Chess too. Payday, Monopoly, Life.....any game we want.

A relative and I years ago started playing Monopoly as a sort of tradition. Usually on New Year's Eve or at family parties, but it would turn into a marathon of Monopoly. Hours and hours would go by and we'd try and play it to it's very end. And not many people will do that, play Monopoly to it's end. It's a helluva long game, no matter how fun.

I'm already thinking to merge games with an adult tone. Just think....Hungry, Hungry Hippos as a drinking game. Monopoly with the option of trading clothing for more money. Chess with the idea of taking a shot of beer with every move that you don't take an opponent's piece.

Of course, sometimes it's just fun to play the game. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13: The Tree....Is Still Standing....

The 13th of January and the tree is still up. Tacky? Perhaps, but it's cool. Christmas comes and goes far too quickly for my taste. In fact, I hate that they stop playing music and take down decorations all over town so quickly it's as if Christmas is a dream. The music, the decorations, the food, the family, the overall mood that settles over everyone (aside from Black Friday but that's another story). Come July I'll go through a few days to a week where I even pull out the Christmas music and rock out. I love Christmas that much!

Yet, I can't help but feel awfully embarrassed when I see people waiting for weeks and months after Christmas to pull the lights down. Worse still is when I drive by a home past January - in one case well into March - and see a tree up in the windows.

Some people really are tacky though, not just about Christmas decor, but about other things entirely.

TV tables for example. My parents use them and I hate them. Such a white trash object, but in all fairness I will set a glass on them when they're there, but I can't stand them. I will never own them, and I'd go so far as to be ungracious if ever given them.

Humorous posters in living rooms. Like Belushi from "Animal House" or the Three Stooges posters actually being in the main living area of a home. These bug me. If you're not in college, you come across as a jackass. Even then, there isn't much room in my heart for tolerance of it.

Ooh, ooh, ohh!! Stickers on the back of cars are become a distraction on the road. Sure....I'm happy that children are on honor rolls and that parents want to celebrate it, but is it really good taste for the infamous "Yeah, but I'm the guy who took your honor student's viriginity?" bumper sticker?

I'm just tired and curmudgeonly right now.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12: Brown Boots & Coffee Beans

Downtown Jackson has several places of interest these days. The Michigan Theater, Jackson Coney Island, C.K. Barrymore's and several others offer several staple places at which to get your kicks. Walts offers a fun place to pick some up good healthy eats. Stop by the Catholic Shoppe and buy yourself some Jesus (statues or more).

Plenty of places to wet your whistle, but none so awesome (in my opinion) as the Jackson Coffee Co. Great coffee served by beautiful ladies (and my Bacon Brother), a fantastic atmosphere and a comfortable place to plop your rear down and have a relaxing few time.

For the better part of a couple years it was my "Friday place of business" where I would set up camp and study, socialize and imbibe caffeine for hours at a time.

Through there I made more than a few good friends. I witness a good number of Jackson natives stop in and even do a little business. Played games with friends and listened to some wonderful tunes (Friday night free live music).

To was a place within Jackson that became my place of refuge; my "Cheers" where everybody knew my name. A lot of good ideas where had there, and many pleasant memories as well.

While I no longer spend the same amount of time there, it still is a gem of a place that I love going to sit down and have a small time of good feelings, warm drinks and just get off the sidewalk.

What places do y'all have like this?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11: 1 Kings 22:23

Some of you have an idea what is going on in my life and some of you do not. For those of you who do, this picture will make more sense, as will the scriptural title of this entry.

I think it's a relatively cool pic, but not great. Annie Liebowitz wouldn't be impressed I'm sure, but she has better equipment.

Come summer time it's my intention to pick up a better camera by summer time, assuming I stick with this. Then also maybe start really paying attention to professional work and maybe even pick up a book/magazine to help direct in the right way. I'd like to have a better eye for this sort of thing, and maybe even take some photos of which I'm proud and frame them.

Other things I've wanted to pick up over the years are playing the cello, playing the piano, nude skydiving, learning Spanish and an assortment of other odd activities. Of course, I'd still like to do all of these, but let's see if I find the time.

*sigh*.....finding the time.

Day 10: Nasty Ass Snow

Michigander born and bread, but I am getting tired of snow. Not freshly fallen snow, but the nasty snow that makes the streets treacherous and ugly. Snow like in the photo.

My heart really yearns for warmer climates and the absence of snow in the cooler months. To be able to walk outside in January and not instantly freeze by begonias off. To know that my car will have a much longer lifespan.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 9: Brains and 'Taters

First and foremost, if you know what this pic is of, then you are either a loser or a bad ass mo'fo'!!

365 days and 365 photos....could be a bit repetitive in subject matter I've been thinking. I'll keep it up, of course, but I am sort of wanting to actively get out and find stuff to shoot. Things that are a bit more iconic or artistic.

Sure, I want the stuff to revolve around my life and day, but also I'd like to turn it into an artistic hobby.'s something I've never been good at. With the exception of writing, I've never been artistic at all, at least on a level that makes me happy to create it. I've done things out of a need for expression but have not been overly happy with the results.

I have friends that can draw wonderfully. Several other friends have a mind for beautiful poetry. I have a friend I've never met face-to-face, but I read her blogs and melt at how she is able to put words to paper. I can put words to voice, but fail (I feel) at putting it to paper.

In a way, this project is as much an exercise at practicing writing as it is photography.

My art form would be conversation, and I suppose there is a subtle art to it. I can feel people out and rope them in, quite often as a matter of fact. In fact, it's unusual for me not to be able to manipulate a conversation to be something that people will love.

Ah well....I feel like I'm rambling. I'll see y'all next time.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 8: I don't even like Bud Light

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I'd think I ever would want a motorcycle, I'd have said you're nuts. Even now, part of me wonders why I love it so much. I know it's insane and dangerous, but I really do love being on the damn road riding this thing.

Not that this "Bud Light" special is my ride. This happens to be a snazzy lil' paint job on a bike at the International Bike Show in Novi, MI. Hundreds of bikes were on hand for our viewing and perhaps our purchasing pleasure. Antique bikes, custom bikes, artsy bikes and so on. Lot's of cool shit.

Afterwards we scoped out a place (via recommendation) called "Lakepointe Yacht Club" in Livonia. Interesting place indeed. The server's uniforms were two piece something: whether it be underwear or bikini, they just had to be covered. Pretty hot girls too, but it made me wonder about the nature of the girls.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 7: I'm having a shitty day. Tell me a joke...

Paying attention to my Facebook profile this past Friday evening, you might have caught on that I was having a shitty day.

At one point I made my way to Jackson Coffee Co for a warm drink and possibly some distraction from my impending breakdown.

While no breakdown was had that evening, I sat in my car that night, possessing no energy to get out of the car. I just sat there staring out the windshield in a daze, feeling sorry for myself and embroiled in anger towards certain people. And in the end, I never did leave the car. I just sat there and then went home.

But I did take this picture. It was a streetlamp along the street at which I was staring down (and parked).

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 6: Vernicious Anemia!!!

This beast is drop dead awesome. If she doesn't melt your heart just looking at her, then go jump off a very tall building.

I'm serious about that, just go jump off there right now.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5: Boobs, Butts and Buh-ginas!

Well, this photo wasn't directly taken by me, but i want to work with it.

As a guy, I love a good woman, and I love a good looking woman. As much as the next guy, I love the time honored past time of ogling a woman. Not straight out leering and busting out my Go-Go Gadget periscope/binoculars to see, but if she crosses my path, I'll look for a few seconds, turn away and perhaps even think less than honorable thoughts for a few seconds or more.

Is it so wrong? I'm not dating anyone. God knows I don't truly objectify women. I can talk to a woman with cleavage or a naked woman and not stare at her assets.

Having been asked "my type" before, I can't usually respond. There is no type of woman I go after. And if we're referring to strictly to the physical, outward beautify, I'm not a "tits 'n' ass" man by any means. I like a good smile any day of the week, but that's still not hitting it exactly.

Even my fetishes are less conventional. A girl in a pair of Chucks with an aroma of vanilla is drives me wild. *convulses* And personality has a great deal to do with it. If I'm bored after a few minutes of talking, or I perceive you as stupid, there is no desire to risk mixing my genetical code with yours.

Despite being a slightly oddball guy in my tastes, I still dig a beautifully figured woman on the beach (clothed or not) and a well muscled lady running laps at the park; and on that note....when you're sexy enough you don't glisten!

Where is the division between dirty guy and not a dirty guy? Can I appreciate the visual of cleavage and/or naked women (in a sexual context) and still be a classy guy? Does being honest about it change anything?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4: Coffee, cronies, and computers...OH MY!

Sitting at the Lazy Mexican last evening (Biggby for the rest of you too PC to call it "Beaners") I had the company of several of my wonderful friends. Had more than a few laughs, and an all around good time having our Macbooks double up on one another. Also cool, because it's the first time I've seen Liz in a coon's age AND there is a Beaners & JCo logo right next to each other.

Liz's grandfather, George Hunt, lived next door to my family growing up, and I remember he'd pester me every so often about joining scouts. When I turned 11, he asked (again) if I'd be interested in scouts, this time the Boy Scouts rather than lesser, so I decided to give the persistent old guy some satisfaction and accompany him to a meeting. Never would I have expected the outcome of that meeting.

A total of 7 years was I involved in scouting. And not that I was wholeheartedly devoted to the idea of scouting as it's founders likely intended. I really was not interested in having the most merit badges or having the longest list of accolades. It was a social thing for me.

My family was not very active in a lot of camping and outdoor activities, and this appealed to me. One weekend a month spent camping and a week+ in the summer. It was fantastic! I could get outside, hang out with a bunch of guys, however nerdy sometimes, and have some crazy times.

I learned how to play Euchre through the scouts even. Score!

In the end I gave it up due to poor direction the troop was taking, thanks to shoddy leadership, but I still look fondly on it. And if I have a son interested in scouts, I'd support him, but I hope that I don't lose my interest in doing all sorts of outdoor activities; to be able to instill him (or any child) with a sense of love for the outdoors would be great!

Full circle to the beginning of blog: I met Liz not through her Grandfather as much as the girl working the camp store during summer camp. Her family had a great deal to do with the camp, and she was no exception. Hell, they named a museum at Camp Teetohnka after George Hunt, due to his contribution to the scouting community.

Now I wonder if that camp even has the same name.....or is even there. Yes, I've been out of touch that long.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3: Just Another Manic Monday...

Not an overly eventful Monday. As the photo might suggest, I was quite the worthless piece of shit that day.

Granted, at some point I went out for a 5 mile walk at Cascades with my buddy in an effort to waste away the calories and pounds. Though the box of Reese's Pieces I killed that day might have required more than those three laps.

At the moment, I have far too much time on my hands. Soo much time and little to do (or that I can do right now), so I fill it with movies, books, video games and the internet. Not the most productive of schedules, but's better than staring at the wall.

I can remember, for a time I couldn't stomach playing so many video games. The reason for this might make many gag and feel like tax money is wasted, and that reason is that during a year long deployment I played too damn many games.

No matter how busy we were, there was still so much time on our hands that I actually feel guilty that I didn't have more to do. I can remember thinking often that the prayers being offered up for my safety should have been saved for those who were really busting their asses. The guys face down in the sand, the guys who suffered a little more than boredom.

Though I knew I volunteered just as much as those who ended up giving more. I had the same chances of not coming back or coming back in pieces. I had just as much reason to fear for my life and limb.

Oh well.....*burp*.....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 2: Happy Burfday Tyrone....

This kid'll be 18 years old on the 7th (yes, we rocked it out yesterday). Hot diggity damn! That makes me feel the years.

Then again, trying to get in shape makes me feel the years too, so....

I can remember taking this little guy to see Disney's "Tarzan" in the theaters and I also remember him crying his eyes out during the film. hehe....

He was quite the chubby boy for a number of years, but with strong encouragement from his father, he took up hockey and shed the cheeks.

Having taken up hockey at such a young age, it would go on to dominate most of his (at the moment short) life. Other sports would find their way into his extra curricular activities and he'd become quite the big man on campus.

Now he's a few months from graduation, and several days from being a legal adult. *sigh*.....

Not that he's the first niece/nephew to mark these milestones, but he's definitely making me think back and remember the times.

Day 1: "Marked for Death"...

6am on New Year's Day, I pull into the driveway to find stuck in the sole, lonely snow pile in our yard....a hubcap.

Already a bit delirious from the night's and early morning's revelry, I stopped for a moment before pulling forward and parking my car. In that moment I wondered if our house had been marked for a drive-by. I even looked up at the front of the house to see if it had been riddled with bullets.

Feeling relatively safe after not seeing any carnage or horror, I pulled the car up, parked it and got out. Walking up the steps to the porch, I laughed to myself and how silly I felt.

"Time to take my dumb ass to bed" I thought. And promptly, just like that, I got myself into warm sheets to sleep off the effects of little sleep and a fair amount of alcohol. Cheers!!

Positive Mental Attitude....

Happy New Year!! Okay, whether or not it remains a "Happy New Year" is to be seen. Unlike most people, I'm not going to start the year with claims of how "this is gonna be my year" or similar statements. Either the year will or won't be good, but I sure as hell won't know 'til the end of it. Even then, I have no intention of bitching every five minutes throughout the year if things aren't going my way. "PMA Andy, PMA", as OA would say. Thanks OA!

Which brings to mind, a quote I live by and have gone so far as to immortalize on my skin: "Start every day off with a smile, and get it over with"; words spoken by W.C. Fields. It tells me to wake up every day and smile no matter what. Even fake a smile if I have to fake one. In projecting a smile to others, perhaps the positivity I see reflected in their faces will turn my false sense of positivity into a true sense. :)

However, I digress.

The following will be a series of entries in which I will post a photo, and short explanations that go with the photo (or photos). As the title of the blog says, it's a 365 Day Photo Project.

Why do I do it? To test myself find amazing in mundane, the beautiful in normal, the extraordinary in the ordinary. Maybe it's just to have something to do.

And though I have full intentions to share my work, I'm not really doing it for the enjoyment of others. More so for the last reason mentioned in the above paragraph; it's something to do. Even more important to me is to stick with it and see time pass through pictures.