Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 51: My Newest Everyday Glasses

The latest pair (less than two weeks old) of my everyday glasses.

Day 50: May The Force Be With You!

Guess what I gots?!?!

Day 49: Ugh...I hate this place.

I hate this place. Okay, maybe I don't, but I'm glad to be done there.

Day 48: That isn't a pirate squint....

Friday morning and I couldn't lull myself back to sleep.

Day 47: Poofy Hair!

This year's 365 Project isn't quite the fun writing project that the previous year's was. On one hand, I want to minimize the amount of writing I was doing, because it was the perceived need to write more than a few lines of senseless drivel that was a major reason why I kept falling behind, particularly in the latter half of the year. Laziness is the second culprit, if you were wondering.

However, what drew me to the idea of a 365 Photo Project was very basic and simple: photos. Self portraits were the dominant subjects of choice, but there were others. I myself choice the "other" category and shot whatever I was around be it people, things, objects that reflected the way I was thinking. Taking it a step further I decide to write small blogs for each posting. Some days it even involved multiple photos.

Restarting the blog, I wanted to free myself from the constraints imposed by my adherence to the rules of the first 365 days; meaning less writing. I left it open to write as much as I wanted, however, and here we are.

To make it fun, I think I need to post everyday, but with a bare minimum of writing. At the end of the week, I'll post - maybe - a week's end blog to go with the portrait of choice and write more.

Day 46: Fuzzier Still

So unrawr right now.

Day 45: Year Old Glasses

I'd have never really worn this style of glass had it not been for the initial pair of Versace glasses. I can remember trying them on for the first time thinking, "how ugly these frames are!"

However, they were so comfortable and light to wear. Also, they didn't have the small nose bump things around the bridge of my schnozz to irritate me. And I grew to like the way I looked in them. They crossed over from "ugly" to "cool" in a short amount of time.

Several years after the Versaces, I ordered a similar pair from a cheaper website. Then a year after that, I ordered yet two more pair that are similar to the first two. Chances are I'll order more pairs like it too.

Day 44: My Head Hurts

Not that my head really hurts, nor is she really giving the ole' noggin' a massage. I just snapped the pic during one of our days of painting her workplace, which I'm glad to be finished with...God God I hated having to paint that joint.

Day 43: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Finding myself spending a good amount of time with Phanny B, I find the need to deviate and do some homework, which is what I do. Of course, at this point, she caught me in the act of whoring myself to Facebook.

Day 42: My Versace Glasses

Recently I ordered a couple new sets of eyeglasses. I'll get to those later, but I decided to start snapping pics of each frame I still have. Kinda makes me wish I could find all the pairs I owned from my first pair on...

Day 41: Kilroy Was Here

I am ever so much a fan of the Kilroy style shots.

Day 40: Look Into My Eyes

Not a great shot at all, but that's not a big deal.

Day 39: It Wasn't Me!

The Armory Arts Apartment building is pretty cool. All over the place you can see all sorts of artwork, like the painted wall just off to the right, from mostly local artists that live within the ole' prison itself.

Of course, what do you find me photographing? Some tacky cardboard cutouts? Yup, I think so!

Day 38: Ear Sex!!

Small pleasures in life are really what's important. Sure, the bigger and more grand pleasures are truly something to cherish as well, but not always can we access a trip to Hawaii or win a new yacht so easily. Instead, we often have to content ourselves with whatever small things that we can, otherwise we'd lose our minds.

In the above example, if you can't see, I'm using a Q-tip. Q-tips are like mini massages for the ear. Doctors might argue that what I'm doing is not a good thing. Using reasons that earwax is healthy for us or that I could cause irreparable damage to my auditory canal for why I shouldn't use Q-tips.

Just talking about it makes me want to run up and use one now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37: Super Bowl Sunday @ Casa Dela Buffcock's

I love these women. Yup, I seriously would drag them behind the.....

What the hell am I saying?!? MOVE ALONG, NOTHIN' TO SEE HERE!!!

Day 36: Yes, I hate you dog

I don't really hate him.....okay I lied.

Seriously, he's a pretty good dog. A little pushy, and he needs a bit of work, but all in all a great dog.

Day 35: Friday Night @ JCo

I hate him so much. Now, if you're smart, you might ask to whom I'm referring: the human or the dog.

Day 34: Joinin' the ranks of the bearded

Gettin' a bit scruffy, aren't I?

Day 33: Really A Crappy Photo

Not a week before Christmas my car breaks down. Being a bit on the side of poor, I had to borrow my dad's truck for a few weeks, and by God I hated driving that beast around. Cost an arm and a leg to drive it around, and it wasn't the most depending ride on the road.

Well, the day I took this photo marks the day I was able to get my car fixed and not have to run that beast all around.

Day 32: Gotta Love Her Nerdy Lil' Butt

Either you know what her shirt is depicting or you're wrong!

Day 31: Is that a pepper?

Stupid reflections! You can see the pepper, but only barely can you make out the Superman key chain.

Day 30: Another B & Me

A spent with this girl is worth gold.

Day 29: Speaking of My Nose

My tolerance for discomfort can run high at times. Other times, I have so low a tolerance that even the silliest things can make me cry like a little baby. Being unable to breath through my nose is one of those things.

Day 28: The Nose Knows

Gross...isn't it?

Day 27: Phanny & Me

Having taken so much time to catch up, I have no clue where we were at the month this photo was taken.

Day 26: It's Not Tooooo Bad

My intention here isn't really to point a parking job that, frankly, isn't that bad. My point is really to ramble on for a minute about parking in general. Specifically that of automobiles; not that bad parking jobs is exclusive to cars.

The white Buick above is only slightly off, not a bad a job at all. What really makes my mind tick is thinking of parking lines. Parking lines really make it fool proof. After a few years out of training, those lines should invoke about as much fear as a half eaten Peep leftover from a child's Easter basked (assuming the kid isn't Jewish.

Mentioning driver's training, I can remember how frighteningly huge and monstrous the orange cones looked. Like gigantic obelisks of fear, failure and certain doom. Hitting one or not isn't something I actually remember, though, and I digress so I'll move on.

What is it that makes parking so difficult to people? Sure, there are people that don't really even try to become good parkers. Some that don't just care. These are the ones that piss me off the most. It might visually bother me for a person to over and over attempt to fit a car into designated lines, but at least I can respect the desire to do it right. On the other hand, there are those useless shit turds that pull a car into spot cockeyed, get out and walk away. No second look or second attempts; not so much as care in the world that they may even be on the crosslines, potentially taking up more than one spot.

Would it shock you to hear that I've taken illegal stands against bad parkers? That perhaps, out of some sense of entitled retribution, I've inflicted damage upon someone's ride?

Day 25: The Eye Sees All

A bit creepy, isn't it? Makes me laugh, anyway.