Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 311: "Our house.....

"Our house...in the middle of our street!"

80's music is the schizogany! Not that I remember exactly how to spell that word, for which Doc Ireland would be ashamed, but oh hell.

Whenever I see scenes like this, I can imagine myself taking a walk in some geeky 80's shoes, denim pants, and a flannel to keep me warm. Denim jacket is also a possibility. Perhaps the smell of a burning pile of leaves or wood stove would greet my senses. These kinds of walks can help one ponder the cosmos or help you sort out the most mundane problems. They can be ridden solo or shared with someone you happen to be blessed in knowing. Perhaps a beloved? That sounds nice, doesn't it?

The day may have been rainy, but I took comfort in the view. This 'hood has so many pleasant memories. I grew up on this street. I see this street every morning I wake up, and, as much as I hate not being able to move on as of yet, I take a small amount of comfort in knowing that not much has changed. Some things are not supposed to change. Some things are, but it would be sad were too many things to change.

Day 310: They Don't Even Sell Bareman's

Not this most recent Sunday, but the Sunday prior, I had some serious anxiety in the parking lot and within this store. Other shit contributing? Sure, but I'll be damned that it wasn't blown to all hell by the chaotic zoo that is "Kroger."

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 309: Okay, I'm a little Dog Happy Lately...

I should have at least gotten my niece in the shot too. That way it doesn't seem too damn odd that a majority of the past week's have all been my dog. A testimonial to how mundane and boring things have been lately.

I remember when I began this project, I thought after getting into the habit, I'd branch out and find special stuff to shoot. Almost for the purpose of learning to shoot better. Sure, I've learned a few things, but life just had to get in the way. Photos are still being taken, however, I'm finding myself with less time or less interest to find those artsier things to shoot.


Day 308: Damn They're Quick....

The city has barely acquired the house, and I was there the day before, I swear! Maybe it was more than a few days, but I'll be damned that they started bringing that down in a hurry. For those of you questioning where it is, it's the last house (or was the last house) on the left prior to the West Ave bridge, just before Ganson going North.

Gotta love these emerging action shots.

Day 307: Vernie's New Do....

Yes, I could have easily pointed this out in the previous day's post, but two things: I forgot to do so, and this was the one of very photos snapped that particular day, which has been a problem of late. Most days the camera makes it's way into my pocket and goes where I go, but there are a few times it doesn't, or my mind is too preoccupied that it doesn't get used until damn near too late in the day so I don't really get a cool pic.

Point in this post: Normally, when Vernie pays the groomer a visit, she gets clipped very short, but her ears are left long. Gives her a cute, but big headed tiny body dog look. This particular visit I changed it up and told Abby, at Classy Canine out in Vandercook, to take her ears short. I wanted to see it and know if it's something we could do from time to time. Not only a different look, but it would help keep her ears looking cleaner longer.

Day 306: Vernie's New Friend

No, I'm not talking about the girl in green behind Vernicious. It's the lil' schnauzer to which I'm referring.

It's hard to think of dogs as being as socially connected as we, humans, are. But I can tell you she does in fact have numerous friends. My sister's dog, London, and Vernie get along swimmingly and even act all lovey dovey. On the other hand, she's not nearly as cordial to my other sister's dog, Cutie. That dog she won't necessarily be mean to, but nor does she get excited when she walks in.

The new friend in question is Bailey. The arch nemesis of my friend, Rob, and personal pooch of Kelly. I admit, Bailey is a bit of a spastic trip, and I'd taze the shit out of him for his barking issue, but Vernie seemed okay with him. Not quite thrilled, but I see the potential for relationship growth.

Day 305: Studious Peeps We Are

Cup of coffee, couple of treats from Burger King and it's onward to Human Bio we go!!

Nothing really special, just a day where I did very little, took very few pics that day, and only was saved (as far as adherence to my project parameters) at the last second by remembering to snap a pic. Not that it was that close to midnight, but it was late enough to not even have Beaners as an option to go for studying and coffee.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 304: Where Have They Gone?!

Not that we had numbers in thousands, but in years past, we had hundreds of kids come to the door for "Trick or Treating." Safety is an issue, as is the competing, yet safer, "Trunk or Treat" events around town. Interest perhaps? Are as many children going out like they have in the past?

*sad face*

Day 303: Where's my phone booth?!

Being quite the avid Superman fan, even I have questioned certain things. Like why did Superman wear underpants on the outside? Why did he change clothes in a phone booth? Who does he really think he's fooling with those glasses and curly tail on his forehead?

I can easily argue most of those from both sides, but that's not the point I'm really driving at. I'm really just emphasizing my own level of nerd.

During my stint in the clink (Army Days), a couple battle buddies (*gag*) and I would sit our asses in the motor pool (trapped really) discussing who would win in imaginary match-ups. Superman versus Hulk? Wolverine versus Batman? Green Lantern versus the Silver Surfer? Not that it matters that much, but one, it was fun, and two, it really allowed us to show just how "nerdcore" we truly were/are.

We would take it so far as to bring up specific face-offs they've had over the years to balance out our respective positions. We'd have fellow soldiers around us swaying back and forth into one camp or the other. So shrewd we were that even Johnny Cochran would back the fuck off were either of us to waltz our asses into the courtroom to put the "Juice in the Noose."

And if you didn't get the last joke, or think it's funny, the choke on a big one.

Day 302: Best Costume of the Night?

Now, I ain't a gay man, not that there is anything wrong with being gay (my non-hetero brethren), but I had to pass on all the hot little numbers Saturday night in choosing this most awesome specimen as the numero uno costume of the night. And if you really need to ask, to which I'm referring, then slap yourself. Superman/Clark Kent is the shit, don't get me wrong, but I have to give it to the Green Army Man. He even had a platform on which to stand. Coolest shit of the night indeed.

Number two 'stume would easily go to the lil' Mermaid get up worn by a saucy minx, who just so happens to be a very dear friend. Other honorably mentions would be the purple crayon of my friend Did, the non-traditional street Leprechaun put together by Rob, and the awesome pirate that was Cap'n Billy Buffcock, complete with a parrot on yon' shoulder.

Is there anything wrong with still dressing up for the Halloween? As far as the history goes, I should hate it for what it has become, but I still find it fun. Not that either of the two costumes above are even close to scary, but should that matter? It's not like it's Christmas, which has become a shameful example of commercialization at it's worst (I knew it became a problem when non-Christians began celebrating Christmas).

Thoughts? Is Halloween just a day for people to dress like fools, women like sluts, and kids shamelessly act like leeches, but all with an excuse?

Day 301: A Bit Too Harsh?

Friendly fighting amongst friends or family is nothing new. How often have you called someone an buttface or worse? Ever have someone use some goods they have on you for a quick jab? I sure have, and believe you me I've dished it out in kind. It's become a sport of sorts, to try and make someone freeze in their thought processes and wonder just how they're gonna come back from that one.

The severity of the insults is directly related to your closeness with the person, as well as that person's sensitivity to particular issues. For someone you know that has self esteem issues about their weight, you might not call them out of eating too much. Someone that has recently lost someone close to them might not take kindly any joke about death. Using the word "retard" might be funny to some, but use it in the company of someone with a down syndrome child. Yeah, that won't go over well.

Once in a while, however, you might take the joke a bit too far. As in the case of my text conversation with a dear friend, with whom a lot of our shared humor is sexual in nature. Not that I really perceived it as too far, and I still don't think it was that bad personally, but it's been a bit of a sore point as far as my friend goes. I could be wrong, but I could be right too. Hell....I still recall the long texting silence given me and how proud I was to have felt like I just slam dunked the ball for the game winning score. Cue the celebratory dance followed by the obligatory "Tebowing."

Day 300: Converse Creeper

Odd photo hobbies I've picked up, semi-apart from my 365 Day Project, include the evidence collecting of horrible shots of parking. Well, the shots themselves aren't horrible (maybe they are), I'm referring to the parking jobs themselves; the obvious lack of an ability to park a car.

I digress...

Also, I've begun taking some other gimmicky shots, but something that I'm amazed hasn't caught on like wildfire is the collecting of Chuck Taylor's All Stars images. This needs to be remedied! Enough of these other shots! Bring on the Chucks!! Bring on the hot lil' numbers sporting them (mind you, dudes wearing them are ineligible) and let me look at them - chicks and Chucks!

Not that pic was particularly a good one; the light was dim, but I was trying to be sneaky, hence the title, "Converse Creeper." I wonder if I should embark on this....

"Chicks & Chucks,".....I like it.

Day 299: Windows...

Not a particularly cool shot at all, and I was really trying capture the rain hitting, and bouncing off, the roof just outside. The view is from the far booth in the JCo loft. As mentioned, I really wanted to go with an angle using the rain as topic material, but I really began thinking specifically about windows.

Big windows, small windows, clear windows, covered windows, colored windows and plain windows; is there really such a thing as a bad window? Perhaps a broken window or a window that isn't being used.

Take a cruise and what is more important than anything else? That you have a view of the sea, and for most of us more...frugal travelers...a window provides that. View a potential house for purchase, and the first thing I notice is the windows, or lack thereof. Hell, look at a dilapidated home and the first thing I notice is the broken or boarded in windows.

What's your take on windows? Love 'em, or hate 'em? HUGE BAY WINDOWS? Or perhaps you're more a fan of tiny, lil' porthole style windows. Curtains drawn? Stained glass? Hmm?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 298: He don't look like such a scarey crow!!!

When the community - residential areas or businesses - come together to decorate the community, I can't help but feel a bit warmed over. Walking 'round downtown, I found these bad boys over a number of signs and lamp posts. Regardless of the subtle advertising afforded participating businesses, I was happy to see involvement. Wait 'til post Turkeyday and you'll see a treat in the form of Holiday lights all around downtown, with a particular emphasis on Michigan Avenue :)