Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 311: "Our house.....

"Our house...in the middle of our street!"

80's music is the schizogany! Not that I remember exactly how to spell that word, for which Doc Ireland would be ashamed, but oh hell.

Whenever I see scenes like this, I can imagine myself taking a walk in some geeky 80's shoes, denim pants, and a flannel to keep me warm. Denim jacket is also a possibility. Perhaps the smell of a burning pile of leaves or wood stove would greet my senses. These kinds of walks can help one ponder the cosmos or help you sort out the most mundane problems. They can be ridden solo or shared with someone you happen to be blessed in knowing. Perhaps a beloved? That sounds nice, doesn't it?

The day may have been rainy, but I took comfort in the view. This 'hood has so many pleasant memories. I grew up on this street. I see this street every morning I wake up, and, as much as I hate not being able to move on as of yet, I take a small amount of comfort in knowing that not much has changed. Some things are not supposed to change. Some things are, but it would be sad were too many things to change.

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