Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 307: Vernie's New Do....

Yes, I could have easily pointed this out in the previous day's post, but two things: I forgot to do so, and this was the one of very photos snapped that particular day, which has been a problem of late. Most days the camera makes it's way into my pocket and goes where I go, but there are a few times it doesn't, or my mind is too preoccupied that it doesn't get used until damn near too late in the day so I don't really get a cool pic.

Point in this post: Normally, when Vernie pays the groomer a visit, she gets clipped very short, but her ears are left long. Gives her a cute, but big headed tiny body dog look. This particular visit I changed it up and told Abby, at Classy Canine out in Vandercook, to take her ears short. I wanted to see it and know if it's something we could do from time to time. Not only a different look, but it would help keep her ears looking cleaner longer.

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