Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 299: Windows...

Not a particularly cool shot at all, and I was really trying capture the rain hitting, and bouncing off, the roof just outside. The view is from the far booth in the JCo loft. As mentioned, I really wanted to go with an angle using the rain as topic material, but I really began thinking specifically about windows.

Big windows, small windows, clear windows, covered windows, colored windows and plain windows; is there really such a thing as a bad window? Perhaps a broken window or a window that isn't being used.

Take a cruise and what is more important than anything else? That you have a view of the sea, and for most of us more...frugal travelers...a window provides that. View a potential house for purchase, and the first thing I notice is the windows, or lack thereof. Hell, look at a dilapidated home and the first thing I notice is the broken or boarded in windows.

What's your take on windows? Love 'em, or hate 'em? HUGE BAY WINDOWS? Or perhaps you're more a fan of tiny, lil' porthole style windows. Curtains drawn? Stained glass? Hmm?

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