Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 362: Not Exactly Reindeer Games

Thinking outside the box from my usual ways of torturing Vernie (Honestly I love her) I used the very massive sleeve of The Robe to cover her head and see how long she'd tolerate being covered in darkness.

My patience ran out long before hers, but I suppose that's because she's used to the abuse. My nieces and nephews love it when I hold up her back leg (her hock) while she just lays there not even noticing. Could be love that holds her place, but I think it was the practiced torture :)

A positive aspect to the meted out abuse is Vernie has displayed an incredible tolerance for the affections of babies. Pulling of hair, which we try to prevent, doesn't faze her. Constant petting and chasing around the room or smacking of her; all this she bears with incredible patience.

Day 361: Custom Artwork

Phanny B has an artistic touch, to put it lightly. She's good with several mediums as well. Photography? Yup, she can do it. Painting? Check! Drawings, can she do that too? Indeed she can.

Her exact specialty is....well....that's for her to decide. She might say painting, or she might say drawing. Doesn't matter really, because she's marvelously talented in my book.

There were several things stored within these hand drawn envelopes. What tickles me the most is the tiny little peppers drawn on the one below. Can ya' see? Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

Day 360: Christmas Ham

Christmas Day was wonderful, as always. Of course, it started the day before really.

Cookies were made at Phanny's parents' home. They were quite grub, by the way, both cooked and raw. Midnight mass at Saint Mary's Church. Exchanging of Christmas Eve presents at home, then back over to Phanny's to spend the night with her.

Of course, after such an incredibly long day being on the go, when we finally arrived at Phanny's we crashed into bed without exchanging Christmas Eve presents (between the two of us). Wake up time was late too, not getting out of bed 'til nearly twelve noon. After a wonderful hour or two, I finally made my way home, upon where I got into presents with my parents.

Just for the record, as far as my parents gift selection goes, they usually are near the mark, but rarely quite on target. However, this year proved different on several levels.

Three gifts really set my parents up with some major cool points. One, the Robe. I capitalize it and call it "THE ROBE" because this particular robe was years in the seeking. Secondly, they nabbed me up a body pillow. Might not sound cool to you, but it let me know they listened to me. Thirdly, they grabbed up an umbrella for me, which was on my list, as was The Robe.

Day 359: Vernie Claus or Santa's Lil' Helper?

Yes, I allow things to happen to this dog, even if it requires her to throw on a tacky ass, Cosby sweater.

Day 358: Poppa Claus!!

Tell me my Pops doesn't make an awesome Santa Claus, just try and say it! This may not be a traditional Santa costume, but he's worn one before. Almost makes me sad that he's dropping weight.

Read the words of the middle portion of the sign below and tell me why it caught my eye.

Day 357: Made in Mexico....

....just like Phanny B.

What some might not know is that I'm one of the more culturally sensitive people they've probably ever met. True, I like to come across as a bit ignorant, which I am of a great many things, but I'll be damned if I'm not willing to learn and/or respect the differences in people.

I get a serious kick, despite being a bit more sensitive, of pretending to be insensitive to my culturally diverse friends. To an Indian (dot, not feather) friend, I call her just that, Dot. My wonderful lady friend, Stephany Briceño, I'll refer to her as my lil' jalapeño, and similar things. Rude? Perhaps, but I'll let it continue for some time.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 356: Memory Building with Phanny

To the right is a pic of two notes I've left on Phanny B's automobile; under the wipers specifically. It had crossed my mind that she might confuse them for a ticket, which she admitted to thinking the first was just that, a ticket. Sorry Phanny!!

The photo below is from an excursion to the mall with my Phanny B. I'd rather her have laid seductively over the hippo, or have straddled it like most kids do. Perhaps even sit on the nose, but at the time I wasn't wishing to make her feel like a silly fool in front of various people passing by.

Day 355: Pa's Ride

Being quite the homebodies, my 'rents don't get out much. Grocery stores, once in a while a sister's house and so on. I can't remember the last movie they watched in an actual movie theater. To restaurants from time to time, but rarely will they choose outside of cowboy movies and so on at home. A little depressing perhaps, or at least it is from my perspective.

Now that I think of the movie/theater question, I know it was the remake of "True Grit."

So, when my pops found his way out and about the other day, I made sure to let him know that I'd be at JCo for a spell and he's more than welcome to stop in. Hell, I even offered to buy him a drink, which he gratefully accepted. I was geeked to see him branch out, which I'm sure he'd do more often were my mother willing to make it out as well.

Sort of makes me think I could get him out of Michigan were my mother more willing, which she wouldn't be, of that I'm sure.

Day 354: Questing

Questing for what you ask? BAREMAN'S!!!!!

After an evening at the gym, which I'm rather excited to be back into, Phanny B and I made our way to Wal-Mart and then Polly's. A necessity really, since Wal-Mart's version of Bareman's is straight garbage. So pitifully it tastes that you can barely call it chocolate milk. Just pathetic really.

Rather excited I am to be resuming physical activity. Too long have I let things go and done very little to prevent my girth from ever expanding. I won't lie when I say it was a bit rough trying to run in my nasty shoes I had on. Not that I don't have better shoes, but I'd forgotten to bring them with me.

Yoga is also in the works. Twice now we've gone to two of the classes the wonderful instructor has provided for free, and I'm feeling hooked already. Kinda drives me crazy that a woman nearly three decades older than I am could probably lift me up - as tubby as I am - and break me over her knee.

I'll get around to getting back in shape.

Day 353: Pretty Faces......BRAINS!!!

Despite Lindz being quite a lovely lady, this pic of her wasn't the intended pic. Furthermore, I didn't take it on my camera either. Rather it was taken on my cell phone for the purpose of zombifying it. Of course, the Zombie Booth app wasn't working with any sense of purpose so I ended up bailing out on the idea so I could make my way back into town towards a bonfire.

Sat in an auditorium and was privileged to hear the Detroit Symphony Orchestra astound a small group of friends and I with tunes in the spirit of the Holidays. All in all it was a decent show, even if the conductor was less humorous than a morgue.

Day 352: Drink Responsibly

Walking into a guy's house, passing over your keys, and telling the host that you're getting fucked up is pretty awesome. A bit messed up, perhaps, but at least it's both honest and responsible. Falling asleep on the basement floor is pretty priceless too.

It goes without saying that Buffcock's 2nd Annual Holiday Throwdown went off without a hitch. Sadly, a few that attended the year prior did not show, but several that hadn't yet shown up made appearances. A pity too, because it would have been nice to see what sort of pajamas people slept in (or bought for the party).

Food was bomb ass. Deserts were bomb ass. The "punch," however, was not nearly as bomb ass. A bomb perhaps, but not "bomb ass." More than a bit found it's way onto my pants, and I'm sure more than a good share found it's way all over Bill's furniture. In fact, several days post party Bill even made the declaration that the punch was forever banned from his place, or at least inside.

Like I said, the party went off without a hitch, meaning it was drama free. There may have been a few issues with people being overly amorous and trying to get in someone's footies, but the target person was protected by a couple individuals that love her quite a bit.


Day 351: No Words...

No Words...just know that what happens at Buffcock's stays at Buffcock's.

Day 350: Surprise Attack!!

Not that I enjoy frightening people by leaving pieces of paper in their window, but I do like leaving messages for them to find after they get out of work, particularly if they're attractive and spicy. In this particular occasion, I had an accomplice.

Day 349: Somehow I know all along

Can you imagine being his padawan learner? A hell of a pair of sandals to live up to.

Day 348: If ya' don't know, now ya' know...


Blowing my nose is bodily necessity of which I am not fond, even more so since my allergies became more than just a mild irritation. My schnoz gets all sore and I just lose it and end up picking in the solitude of my own bathroom.

Photo to the right depicts me with tissue in the nasal caverns (big noses don't have nasal cavities) to help provide a net, if you will. Breathe for a few minutes like this, and even perform a few mock nose blowings. Take them out and then stand over the trash, toilet or sink. Press down on one side and then give the other side a really good honk. You will be both amazed and horrified at the amount and substance that erupts. Really quite gross, but sometimes drastic measures need to be taken in order to breathe at night.

Day 347: Umm....Yeah....

So what if I've been spending a lot of time wit her?! What now?!?!

Day 346: My Your Lips Look Delicious!

On her face they don't look quite as large and voluptuous, though that isn't saying the aren't absolutely edible and delicious. Not that I've tasted them mind you. I have nothing but her best interests in my heart and soul. Treat her as respectful as I'd treat the Blessed Virgin herself!

Jus' Sayin'....if she were treat me in a way apart from the examples of the Blessed Virgin, who am I to ignore the whims of such a beautiful lass? *rawr*

Day 345: The Story of Omae

Jackson has some real gems, if you know where to go and look. Take Doug Jones for example. (sounds like a gangster name; trust me and try it in your best guttural, fake grill havin' thug voice). Doug Jones is quite a damn mind. He digs up a story, builds on it, creates a plan of action and paints it, on people no less. Body art is what's about, and he does a fine job.

Of course, he's not the sole artist in town. I happen to be intimately involved with one of Jackson's talents (her name is on one of the oranges). Additionally, I happen to be friends with a vast number of artistically creative people. Painters, sketch artists, tattoo artists, sculptors, and photographers. Hell, I'll even throw scrapbookers into the mix, just because I don't even have an eye for that kind of thing.

Some of the artistically inclined friends have been mild dabblers, nothing more. They enjoy their craft, but they don't build on it. Others have made it their profession as well as their passion. To those that have developed it into a trade, may you never come to regret that decision.

To both groups mentioned, I hate you. Not really "hate," but I'm very much jealous of you. There are so many ideas swirling around in my for visual ideas, but - forgive the cliché - I struggle drawing a stick figure. I enjoy drawing them, but I'm not good at that even, though I dare say my Annay would disagree.

Writing is something for which I display a certain proficiency. You might even say I have a flare for the written word. Not that my technical skill is the peak of perfection, but I do have a good foundation. Irreverent even, for I enjoy cursing. You might hear me say "fuck" a thousand times, but I've been told I say it with eloquence.

Maybe one day I'll write my own book of "how to talk dirty and influence people." Title change will be necessary and I'll most certainly give a healthy shout out to Lenny Bruce and Happy Harry Hard-On for making me aware of Lenny Bruce.

Day 344: I'ma fudge you up!!

Sometimes I'd really like to hear her thoughts, and know if I stress her out a bit too much. I know she adores me, but is it a true love or just a pack animal mindset?

Likely a bit of both I'd wager, though, I'd like to think it's more adoration that endears her to me.

Day 343: The Great Eye Sees All....

Not that my eye is particularly lovely, but it's not bad looking I s'pose.

Day 342: A few more pounds...

...and I'll cease being "fluffy" and cross over to "DAYUM!" If you know what I mean by that, you're awesome.

Now ignore the hideous pods I call feet and move on.

Day 341: *sniiiiiiiiiffffffff*

At one time I found the intense aroma of roasting coffee beans repugnant. It brought to mind something that was once pleasant smelling but then was burnt for far too long.

In time, however, I've come to relish those days at Jackson Coffee Co. It still retains a slightly acrid quality, but I often find myself closing my eyes and taking it all in for a few seconds.

Day 340: Wanna Go, Gotta Go, Must Go Or I'll DIE!!!

While I'm understanding that most of the TV judges are, in fact, actual judges, I can't help but despise any who finds their way to television in these....farces of trials. Sure, maybe the trials and results are real, but I don't buy it. Have a problem, go to court and deal with it, but to air your shitty sheets out on live TV should be left to Maury and Springer.

A dear family member watches these shows, and I'll even try to keep them company while they watch. Without fail I end up criticizing the show, and invariably ask them to please explain why they watch this garbage. Regardless of explanation, I always end up proclaiming that I hate that they watch this stuff, and then remain silent 'til the next time.

Day 339: Bad Parking Yet Again...

I really, REALLY need to start snapping shots of these every where I go and start a massive album of them. What I'll do with them I don't know, but I really hate this. I know we all go to driver's education, so why can't people be better at it?! I'm not asking you to glide a semi trailer in a parallel parking spot.

Day 338: Gotta Love The Guh-Hetto!

While Union street will never be confused with the Hamptons, I'd like to think it has more class than the average run of the mill street in this lil' hamlet we call "Jackson." I'd like to think that, but it really isn't so.

Growing up I can remember Tom the Drunk. There was a woman that even lived right next to us who wasn't above fighting in the front yard without her top. Take it from the perception of young, horny teenage boy when I say that it wasn't appealing in the slightest. In the words of a dear friend, "she didn't make my weenie hard."

There were all sorts of people in the 'hood. Some less desirable, some more desirable. Even the houses themselves were a reflection of the state of things. Some were beautiful, some were not.

In any case, I hate being in a neighborhood where there are elements that don't really care about things like...littering. Leaving food wrappers in the streets or in their lawns. Alcohol bottles on the sidewalks. Broken house items out in the open with no real intent to take care of them.

Vodka bottle pictured may likely have been left there by a wandering drunk, but surely someone could have picked it up. Eventually I did, but I left it there in the street for a short time to see where it would end up, sort of an experiment.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 337: A Saturday with Fanny of our first major outings involved breakfast followed a visit to the Grover House out in Spring Arbor, and then an evening meal at Los Tres. Breakfast included pancakes - misshapen - that tasted good, but led more to an activity akin to cloud gazing. We spent several minutes looking at the pancakes deciding what shapes we could see in them. The pic to the right: we saw, at first, an Ewok. But if you look closely you can see hair buns that Leia might have worn in Episode IV.

If you have any knowledge of the house I mentioned above, you know it's not really called the "Grover House." A smile crosses my lips to think of it as such, since the real name is a bit more challenging to say. Not really that challenging, but more difficult in it's discernment with an awkward spelling. I'll look it up later and share it then I suppose.

Meeting her aunt was fun, and in spite of the warnings given this aunt, I foresee interesting interactions with that one. Her, and by her I mean Stephany, pops was a decent seeming guy, but how much can you gauge when you barely talk to him for five minutes? Still, having spoken with him for a bit longer since then my opinion stands, that he's a decent guy.

Topping the evening's outings off at Los Tres, we ate a good meal, took a few pics, and I was even privileged to learn just how lightweight she really is. Granted, she didn't get drunk, at least not by my perceptions, but she became more outspoken and giddy than I anticipated from such a small drink. Not enough to be called a "lush," but I'll train her.

Day 336: Sticky Burgers!!

Earlier in the year, I posted a pic of an item off them menu at the Roadhouse, an interesting gin joint out on Lansing Ave. The food item in question is the "Sticky Burger." The Sticky Burger has on it a decent sized beef patty, onion petals, bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, and peanut butter. Yeah, that's right, Peanut Butter!

An odd combination you say? Perhaps a bit gross, but who am I to deny the brilliance of a food until I've tasted of it myself. Some time would pass before I jumped into one myself.

Finally having had one, I can say it isn't too bad at all. Mine lacked the onion petals, but it was quite tasty nevertheless. Can I see myself getting it again? Sure can. Might be awhile, because when I go somewhere that has dozens of menu selections that are quite delectable, I have a hard time deciding. The curse of being a fat kid. *sigh*

DAY 335: First Snow of the Season

It wasn't much at first, but after several days of being added to it became a bit more. The snow lingered too. Motorcycle hadn't yet been stored for the winter and I needed to move it several miles away.

Here it is, four days before Christmas and we have no snow (down in Mexico). Okay, we're not in Mexico, but I began thinking of the song where the Spanish accent sings out about not having snow (down in Mexico).

Again, I digress.

Not that I have intense love or snow, but a little white on the ground for Christmas would do wonders for the soul, at least visually.

DAY 334: The Factory It Isn't...

...but it's one of the best damn pizza places we have in town. Damn fine stuff if you ask me. A greater range in style than the Factory even.

Day 333: Ohm.....

Moving stuff around in my room, I set a rolled up shirt on Buddha's noggin'. Made him look like a Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist hybrid. Funny? Maybe...

As I sit her enduring a marathon of posting, I think back to how lazy I was to fall this far behind. Yes, I'm at the end of my November posts, but damn. I really wanted to give each of these entries a bit more attention than what I have been for the past couple dozen.


Day 332: ZombAnnie!!

Yep, even my beloved Annay got the treatment! What'chu think? Sexy or not?

Day 331: Only Cool People...

...know what this is. Cool people and those for a love for the nostalgic days of the 80's.

How 'bout an 80's Geek Category Roll Call:
- Cartoons
- Movies
- Music
- Comics
- Fashions

What were your favorites within these given categories?

Favorite game I think was.....Mike Tyson's Punch Out or TMNT: The Arcade Game. Favorite 'toon was also TMNT, possibly even Ducktales. Movie.....oh my, that one could go on forever. In fact, it would likely take me days to narrow all of the categories to Top 10. Geek stuff like that is serious business.

Day 330: Ah-Wooooooo......

During a Saturday evening at Cuppa, several times I heard someone howling like a wolf. Took me a few minutes to discover who it was, and in the end I think it was my Salsa Cookie that noticed him across the shop. Pretty funny stuff....

Day 329: Black Friday My Ass!

Rather than brave the crowds in a carefully chosen orange hat (smart idea though), I kept my ass in bed throughout the chill morn'. And played with capture images of Vernie too. On the colder days she nestles up close to me and can often be found under the covers in utter darkness. Messes with me when I roll over on top of her and nearly crush her.

Day 328: Zombie Fanny!!


Yes, she'll probably hate me for this, but we're rolling with it.

Day 327: Happy Burrfday RobRob!

Not that his liver or kidneys are in the best of shape, but I had to buy that awesome fucker an Irish Car Bomb for his Burrfday. Took it like a champ he did, and probably suffered for it.

Let's just hope all his organs hold out for the San Diego Comic Con. They'd better hold out....

Day 326: Those Glasses Have More Game Than I Do!

Okay, so about this girl. I've known she has existed for sometime. To say I thought she was a looker would be an understatement. In my eyes, she was one stylish cookie, ripe for the ogling and any manner or sordid fantasies that I could devise.

Of course, we shared less words than I have fingers in probably the first three years I was aware of her. Her name wasn't a secret to me, as I moonlight as a professional creeper and like to know the names of pretty girls. Not that I deserved to know it, not having shown the courage to ask her directly, but that's a moot point. I was also aware of where she lived then, and still lives now; even where she worked then as well. Creepy enough? heh....

An air of privacy surrounded her like a thick cloak, and being sensitive to this, I didn't approach her. Perhaps the slightest of nods, but even the both of us being super-regulars didn't embolden me to so much as utter a word to her. Private and shy, even. Snobbish maybe? Perhaps. She did have a certain amount of visible superiority, which she may or may not have been aware of herself.

In an odd turn of events, she sent me the friend request first. She, too, asked me out before I yet had the courage to do the same. Shameful I know, but maybe I had more a hand in it yet. In adding me to her friend's list, she expressed enough of a curiosity that I felt comfortable searching through her photos to get a glimpse into life. Within that activity I found myself leaving comments of compliment; potential "creeper" comments that may have been unwarranted, but knowing now had a hand in prompting her to ask me out. Quite an unintended good move on my part....I think.

Fast forward to the current time frame. We're now officially an item. Getting to know her has become the best thing to happen to me all year, and I'd like to think the feeling is reciprocal. She has these awesome lines that are most visible during a big smile or even more so during a fit of laughter, a laughter I'm very pleased to say I've been able to evoke on more than several occasions. It's good to hear her voice and her laughter.

Not to demean any of my friends mind you, for I love them all. Several of my friends have been a rock upon which I found support during one of the very worst years in my personal memory. The year was such that it's changed me, and not exactly for the better. With the strength of good friends I've been able to see small glimmers of light that otherwise would have gone unseen. But I can't lie in bed with my friends and share with them the deepest fears and problems I have in my heart. Trust I may have in them, but there are things that I have a hard time sharing with even the closest of friends.

In Stephany, however, I find something familiar, but long forgotten. An innate sense of trust and comfort. Someone in whom I see potential for something more lasting. Also, someone in whom I have fear that I might disappoint. Not that I want that fear, but this past year has hurt me; prompted me to expect the worst. As hopeful as I am for what she and I share, I can't help but be as pessimistic as I am optimistic.

If it lasts, it lasts. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Even if longevity isn't with us, I will have such fond feelings for her for years to come. She's become a bright end to a dark year. Her smile is something that warms my heart and calms my mind. Her smile a fire that I am eager to keep ever burning.

Oh yeah...she looks totally sexy in my glasses.


I was getting too serious there for a moment there, wasn't I?

Day 325: Could it be....GOOWAIN?!

Only the most staunch of Dragon Quest fans should catch the name and take pleasure in it. As for the toy in the pic, it was a gift from a good Army buddy who high tailed it to Japan and hitched himself to a lovely woman from the land of the rising sun.

He knew me pretty well, and knew that I would certainly get a kick out of such a small trinket. Perhaps adding to the random clutter in my room, I keep it ever visible. Currently, it's just below my television; I can see it right now in fact, though I can really only see it's silhouette in the dim light.

Brings to mind another random memory I have of my buddy, Roys. John Roys specifically, but it's hard to break habit of last names as far as my battle buddies are concerned.

In many times of boredom, we waste a good minute or five doing our version of "Matrix" style of kung fu. Really, all it truly involved was us standing in place, sides facing the other's side and rotating our arms up and down so that our forearms would hit on both the upswing and downswing. Silly stuff, I know, but fun never the less.

Day 324: TOUCHDOWN!!!

I suppose I could regale you all with the events of my nephews' baptisms, but I won't. I'm just sharing with you this odd bit of religions art then moving on to the next blog.

Day 323: 107 Points?!?!

So I totally love words and word games. Not word games like fucking with someone's mood with carefully chosen words. I mean word games like Scrabble or Boggle and so on. Like my dearest Jamie Kline, I love flexing my vast, well read nuts and and teaching the less well read people a thing or two.

Nearly missing the chance to snap this screen shot, I panicked. Fear not, however, I have given Mary Jo her moment of glory. As of this moment, she has netted the highest scoring word in any of the games I have yet played. No easy feat, and my hat goes off to her.

Can't lie when I say I was more than a little pissy and jealous about it, but oh well. Manipulation of the score and letter multipliers is a huge part of the game, and I've had my fair share of monster words. Still....damn her.

Day 322: Puppy Love!

Did'ja know Vernie has a boyfriend? Yep, she sure does, and let me tell ya', what a dog he is!! Caesar is his name and pimpin' a little, white, Cosby-sweater wearin' dog is his game.

I noticed some time ago that Caesar had a profile, after his lovely mother (owner) added me on Facebook. Humored to all hell about the concept, I quickly set Vernie up her own profile, added a few good friends, and even influenced the creation of a profile for one Abby Sabatos.

Goofy love of our pets I suppose. It's all good though; I value Vernie more than I do most people. Additionally, I find that Vernie and Caesar gave me an excuse to associate with one Miss Stephany Briceño. An association which has blossomed into something very, very sweet. You'll hear more about in a later blog.


Day 321: Cooper and Vernie

Laverne, or Vernie as she's commonly addressed, has been very good with children since as early as I can recall. Perhaps it's because I torture her, but she puts up with any amount of abuse my nieces and nephews can dish out. A good thing too, because they can dish it with extreme prejudice. Never will she snap at or scratch any of them.

Interestingly enough, she has a soft spot for a few of them. Cooper (picture with Vernie) is a particular favorite of hers. She'll give him so much attention and sit with him for quite a long while. She won't hide from his hugs, and she'll even play catch with him when she won't play with many others.

Day 320: Accidents Can Result In Pretty Pics

Noticing my shutter sticking during a couple photos, I turned the camera upwards so observe it sticking. The issue was taken care of, but not before I was able to capture this shot.

I didn't notice it, of course, until long after I sat down to collect and organize my images upon my 'puter.

Hope you dig, even if it's not that beautiful or awesome.

Day 319: Campaign Sign Graveyard

Forsaking any major thoughts in the rest of the photos taken this day, I found humor in sharing this. My neighbor, a recently sworn-in city councilman, set up all of these signs to dry in our unseasonably warm weather. It made me laugh to see and I thought I'd share.

Day 318: Extra, Extra, Read All About It...

At the time I snapped this photo I had some grand story in mind; a story regarding the dreams I often have of being a Pulitzer prize winning journalist. A tale of the wonders of the written word and how a headline can influence a generation. How the quote, "He who is a master of words is a master of men," is best fulfilled.

However, I believe that time is coming to an end. Not that people won't still read news, but I see electronic and visual media beginning to become a more significant force in news distribution.

Laziness is as much a factor in this shift of news distribution as the push for more a television/internet oriented delivery. People aren't as inlined to read as they once were. Why should they be? Instead of wasting energy going to the nearest newsstand, they can turn on a monitor. Instead of perusing an entire paper, they can click on any story that catches their eye. Instead of assimilating any number of words or ideas, they can lazily just watch images as they flicker in front of them as fast as an old tube or LCD screen can provide.

Maybe I'm just sounding old fashioned, but I see too depressing a shift. I wonder how long papers will remain as just that; paper. Even the most auspicious Citizen Patriot is soon becoming a largely electronic medium, only seeing three days of paper circulation a week.

Saddening really. As an avid fan of the art of writing and talking, I find this a serious blow to communication. Already communication has been stunted enough thanks to internet jargon and texting shortcuts. Grammar is being abandoned for convenience's sake. Vocabularies are decreasing as interest in reading decreases. Penmanship is suffering too, as the keyboard's relevance increases.


Day 317: Extra Lame!!

Even with the snow the previous day, I didn't have any frost build up. Several days after the snow I did, and as I recall the temp had even increased quite a bit from the couple days earlier. And no Rob, I'm not trying on this one....

Day 316: Gotta Love Her, Crazy Eye And All....

No major emotion or story to go along with this pic. Vernie vied for attention with my Kindle and I had to snap the pic while she remained there. Too cute in my opinion, even though her googly eye kinda tripped me out.

Perhaps she was just tryin' to stare at me and read at the same time. That's what I would call multitasking.