Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 360: Christmas Ham

Christmas Day was wonderful, as always. Of course, it started the day before really.

Cookies were made at Phanny's parents' home. They were quite grub, by the way, both cooked and raw. Midnight mass at Saint Mary's Church. Exchanging of Christmas Eve presents at home, then back over to Phanny's to spend the night with her.

Of course, after such an incredibly long day being on the go, when we finally arrived at Phanny's we crashed into bed without exchanging Christmas Eve presents (between the two of us). Wake up time was late too, not getting out of bed 'til nearly twelve noon. After a wonderful hour or two, I finally made my way home, upon where I got into presents with my parents.

Just for the record, as far as my parents gift selection goes, they usually are near the mark, but rarely quite on target. However, this year proved different on several levels.

Three gifts really set my parents up with some major cool points. One, the Robe. I capitalize it and call it "THE ROBE" because this particular robe was years in the seeking. Secondly, they nabbed me up a body pillow. Might not sound cool to you, but it let me know they listened to me. Thirdly, they grabbed up an umbrella for me, which was on my list, as was The Robe.

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