Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 325: Could it be....GOOWAIN?!

Only the most staunch of Dragon Quest fans should catch the name and take pleasure in it. As for the toy in the pic, it was a gift from a good Army buddy who high tailed it to Japan and hitched himself to a lovely woman from the land of the rising sun.

He knew me pretty well, and knew that I would certainly get a kick out of such a small trinket. Perhaps adding to the random clutter in my room, I keep it ever visible. Currently, it's just below my television; I can see it right now in fact, though I can really only see it's silhouette in the dim light.

Brings to mind another random memory I have of my buddy, Roys. John Roys specifically, but it's hard to break habit of last names as far as my battle buddies are concerned.

In many times of boredom, we waste a good minute or five doing our version of "Matrix" style of kung fu. Really, all it truly involved was us standing in place, sides facing the other's side and rotating our arms up and down so that our forearms would hit on both the upswing and downswing. Silly stuff, I know, but fun never the less.

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