Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 313: Ass Mongers...

Before I add any words to this blog, I want to start with sharing an earlier status/blog:

"My hope, wish, and prayer for the day: that the person, or persons, who broke into my home, stole the several thousand dollars worth of possessions, I hope you develop an intense intestinal infection; so bad that you end up shitting all of your livelihood, will to live, guts, and every last nutrient in your system out onto the floor because you're unable to reach the toilet in time.

Possessions can be replaced, money can be earned anew, and locks can be changed. The peace of mind, however, is much harder to replace. Fuck....this could be more easily handled if my entire past year wasn't one fuckin' negative after another. And to think, I'm the fucker my friends used to love and hate for being too positive.

I'm going to strip naked and go for a swim in my pool of pity. Be back in a while. People are welcome to join me, but all I really want is silence and a big fuckin' vat of beer spiked with even more beer."

In due time, goods were replaced though not all. Some money was set aside for other uses. The mental security is taking a bit longer in the rebuilding process. Too bad we couldn't sue UPS for not delivering that one.

The pic above was of the Blu-Ray player the thieves had left in my yard. One might say "left," but rather they dropped it to lie in the rain, more specifically. Why is what left I don't know. My guess is they heard me or heard someone and wanted to beat a hasty retreat. You can even see evidence of the fingerprinting performed by the officer. Pretty neat, in a sick way.

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