Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 362: Not Exactly Reindeer Games

Thinking outside the box from my usual ways of torturing Vernie (Honestly I love her) I used the very massive sleeve of The Robe to cover her head and see how long she'd tolerate being covered in darkness.

My patience ran out long before hers, but I suppose that's because she's used to the abuse. My nieces and nephews love it when I hold up her back leg (her hock) while she just lays there not even noticing. Could be love that holds her place, but I think it was the practiced torture :)

A positive aspect to the meted out abuse is Vernie has displayed an incredible tolerance for the affections of babies. Pulling of hair, which we try to prevent, doesn't faze her. Constant petting and chasing around the room or smacking of her; all this she bears with incredible patience.

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