Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 315: Workin' the Line...

Nothing special, just that one Friday afternoon we completely emptied the line at work. A truly amazing feat since we rely on several workers that don't work worth shit. I won't go into that now, though I'd like to for blog purposes, but it'll put me in shitty mood so I'll pass for now.

Kinda funny how I love to bitch about that job, how much I hate that job, and how bitter I am that I even need that job. Not that it's the job itself I hate. Rather it's so many people in there that rely on having seniority and being union members to protect their positions. So many of the lazy fuckers I call co-workers would be finding themselves stalking the classifieds on a regular basis were it not for the damn union. Makes me hate unions even.

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