Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 336: Sticky Burgers!!

Earlier in the year, I posted a pic of an item off them menu at the Roadhouse, an interesting gin joint out on Lansing Ave. The food item in question is the "Sticky Burger." The Sticky Burger has on it a decent sized beef patty, onion petals, bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, and peanut butter. Yeah, that's right, Peanut Butter!

An odd combination you say? Perhaps a bit gross, but who am I to deny the brilliance of a food until I've tasted of it myself. Some time would pass before I jumped into one myself.

Finally having had one, I can say it isn't too bad at all. Mine lacked the onion petals, but it was quite tasty nevertheless. Can I see myself getting it again? Sure can. Might be awhile, because when I go somewhere that has dozens of menu selections that are quite delectable, I have a hard time deciding. The curse of being a fat kid. *sigh*

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