Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 337: A Saturday with Fanny of our first major outings involved breakfast followed a visit to the Grover House out in Spring Arbor, and then an evening meal at Los Tres. Breakfast included pancakes - misshapen - that tasted good, but led more to an activity akin to cloud gazing. We spent several minutes looking at the pancakes deciding what shapes we could see in them. The pic to the right: we saw, at first, an Ewok. But if you look closely you can see hair buns that Leia might have worn in Episode IV.

If you have any knowledge of the house I mentioned above, you know it's not really called the "Grover House." A smile crosses my lips to think of it as such, since the real name is a bit more challenging to say. Not really that challenging, but more difficult in it's discernment with an awkward spelling. I'll look it up later and share it then I suppose.

Meeting her aunt was fun, and in spite of the warnings given this aunt, I foresee interesting interactions with that one. Her, and by her I mean Stephany, pops was a decent seeming guy, but how much can you gauge when you barely talk to him for five minutes? Still, having spoken with him for a bit longer since then my opinion stands, that he's a decent guy.

Topping the evening's outings off at Los Tres, we ate a good meal, took a few pics, and I was even privileged to learn just how lightweight she really is. Granted, she didn't get drunk, at least not by my perceptions, but she became more outspoken and giddy than I anticipated from such a small drink. Not enough to be called a "lush," but I'll train her.

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