Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 322: Puppy Love!

Did'ja know Vernie has a boyfriend? Yep, she sure does, and let me tell ya', what a dog he is!! Caesar is his name and pimpin' a little, white, Cosby-sweater wearin' dog is his game.

I noticed some time ago that Caesar had a profile, after his lovely mother (owner) added me on Facebook. Humored to all hell about the concept, I quickly set Vernie up her own profile, added a few good friends, and even influenced the creation of a profile for one Abby Sabatos.

Goofy love of our pets I suppose. It's all good though; I value Vernie more than I do most people. Additionally, I find that Vernie and Caesar gave me an excuse to associate with one Miss Stephany Briceño. An association which has blossomed into something very, very sweet. You'll hear more about in a later blog.


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