Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 352: Drink Responsibly

Walking into a guy's house, passing over your keys, and telling the host that you're getting fucked up is pretty awesome. A bit messed up, perhaps, but at least it's both honest and responsible. Falling asleep on the basement floor is pretty priceless too.

It goes without saying that Buffcock's 2nd Annual Holiday Throwdown went off without a hitch. Sadly, a few that attended the year prior did not show, but several that hadn't yet shown up made appearances. A pity too, because it would have been nice to see what sort of pajamas people slept in (or bought for the party).

Food was bomb ass. Deserts were bomb ass. The "punch," however, was not nearly as bomb ass. A bomb perhaps, but not "bomb ass." More than a bit found it's way onto my pants, and I'm sure more than a good share found it's way all over Bill's furniture. In fact, several days post party Bill even made the declaration that the punch was forever banned from his place, or at least inside.

Like I said, the party went off without a hitch, meaning it was drama free. There may have been a few issues with people being overly amorous and trying to get in someone's footies, but the target person was protected by a couple individuals that love her quite a bit.


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