Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 338: Gotta Love The Guh-Hetto!

While Union street will never be confused with the Hamptons, I'd like to think it has more class than the average run of the mill street in this lil' hamlet we call "Jackson." I'd like to think that, but it really isn't so.

Growing up I can remember Tom the Drunk. There was a woman that even lived right next to us who wasn't above fighting in the front yard without her top. Take it from the perception of young, horny teenage boy when I say that it wasn't appealing in the slightest. In the words of a dear friend, "she didn't make my weenie hard."

There were all sorts of people in the 'hood. Some less desirable, some more desirable. Even the houses themselves were a reflection of the state of things. Some were beautiful, some were not.

In any case, I hate being in a neighborhood where there are elements that don't really care about things like...littering. Leaving food wrappers in the streets or in their lawns. Alcohol bottles on the sidewalks. Broken house items out in the open with no real intent to take care of them.

Vodka bottle pictured may likely have been left there by a wandering drunk, but surely someone could have picked it up. Eventually I did, but I left it there in the street for a short time to see where it would end up, sort of an experiment.

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