Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 312: She's A Grand Ole' Flag!

Patriotism is a good thing I s'pose. It can broaden your thought processes from the singular to the broad spectrum of the common good. Think of WW2 war efforts. People were united the nation over. Sustainable goods were rationed, goods were set aside for the soldiers; quote unquote..."everyone did their part."

Brings to mind a question: is it too odd to actually type "quote unquote?" *shrugs*

Taken to an extreme, however, patriotism can lead to a one sided superiority. Nazi Germany, for example. The people began embracing positive ideals given them by a single man. He gave them goals and a sense of post WW1 pride. He emboldened them to be the strong nation that they were already, however beaten down by the WW1 initiated depression.

Not that a history lesson was my point in this blog, but it gave me somewhere to start.

I took the shot with thoughts of flag respect in mind. I like seeing flags flowing in the wind. As free as possible without touching the ground or being wrapped around itself, or in this case the pole.

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