Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 340: Wanna Go, Gotta Go, Must Go Or I'll DIE!!!

While I'm understanding that most of the TV judges are, in fact, actual judges, I can't help but despise any who finds their way to television in these....farces of trials. Sure, maybe the trials and results are real, but I don't buy it. Have a problem, go to court and deal with it, but to air your shitty sheets out on live TV should be left to Maury and Springer.

A dear family member watches these shows, and I'll even try to keep them company while they watch. Without fail I end up criticizing the show, and invariably ask them to please explain why they watch this garbage. Regardless of explanation, I always end up proclaiming that I hate that they watch this stuff, and then remain silent 'til the next time.

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