Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 303: Where's my phone booth?!

Being quite the avid Superman fan, even I have questioned certain things. Like why did Superman wear underpants on the outside? Why did he change clothes in a phone booth? Who does he really think he's fooling with those glasses and curly tail on his forehead?

I can easily argue most of those from both sides, but that's not the point I'm really driving at. I'm really just emphasizing my own level of nerd.

During my stint in the clink (Army Days), a couple battle buddies (*gag*) and I would sit our asses in the motor pool (trapped really) discussing who would win in imaginary match-ups. Superman versus Hulk? Wolverine versus Batman? Green Lantern versus the Silver Surfer? Not that it matters that much, but one, it was fun, and two, it really allowed us to show just how "nerdcore" we truly were/are.

We would take it so far as to bring up specific face-offs they've had over the years to balance out our respective positions. We'd have fellow soldiers around us swaying back and forth into one camp or the other. So shrewd we were that even Johnny Cochran would back the fuck off were either of us to waltz our asses into the courtroom to put the "Juice in the Noose."

And if you didn't get the last joke, or think it's funny, the choke on a big one.

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