Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 300: Converse Creeper

Odd photo hobbies I've picked up, semi-apart from my 365 Day Project, include the evidence collecting of horrible shots of parking. Well, the shots themselves aren't horrible (maybe they are), I'm referring to the parking jobs themselves; the obvious lack of an ability to park a car.

I digress...

Also, I've begun taking some other gimmicky shots, but something that I'm amazed hasn't caught on like wildfire is the collecting of Chuck Taylor's All Stars images. This needs to be remedied! Enough of these other shots! Bring on the Chucks!! Bring on the hot lil' numbers sporting them (mind you, dudes wearing them are ineligible) and let me look at them - chicks and Chucks!

Not that pic was particularly a good one; the light was dim, but I was trying to be sneaky, hence the title, "Converse Creeper." I wonder if I should embark on this....

"Chicks & Chucks,".....I like it.

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