Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 306: Vernie's New Friend

No, I'm not talking about the girl in green behind Vernicious. It's the lil' schnauzer to which I'm referring.

It's hard to think of dogs as being as socially connected as we, humans, are. But I can tell you she does in fact have numerous friends. My sister's dog, London, and Vernie get along swimmingly and even act all lovey dovey. On the other hand, she's not nearly as cordial to my other sister's dog, Cutie. That dog she won't necessarily be mean to, but nor does she get excited when she walks in.

The new friend in question is Bailey. The arch nemesis of my friend, Rob, and personal pooch of Kelly. I admit, Bailey is a bit of a spastic trip, and I'd taze the shit out of him for his barking issue, but Vernie seemed okay with him. Not quite thrilled, but I see the potential for relationship growth.

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