Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3: Just Another Manic Monday...

Not an overly eventful Monday. As the photo might suggest, I was quite the worthless piece of shit that day.

Granted, at some point I went out for a 5 mile walk at Cascades with my buddy in an effort to waste away the calories and pounds. Though the box of Reese's Pieces I killed that day might have required more than those three laps.

At the moment, I have far too much time on my hands. Soo much time and little to do (or that I can do right now), so I fill it with movies, books, video games and the internet. Not the most productive of schedules, but hey....it's better than staring at the wall.

I can remember, for a time I couldn't stomach playing so many video games. The reason for this might make many gag and feel like tax money is wasted, and that reason is that during a year long deployment I played too damn many games.

No matter how busy we were, there was still so much time on our hands that I actually feel guilty that I didn't have more to do. I can remember thinking often that the prayers being offered up for my safety should have been saved for those who were really busting their asses. The guys face down in the sand, the guys who suffered a little more than boredom.

Though I knew I volunteered just as much as those who ended up giving more. I had the same chances of not coming back or coming back in pieces. I had just as much reason to fear for my life and limb.

Oh well.....*burp*.....

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