Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5: Boobs, Butts and Buh-ginas!

Well, this photo wasn't directly taken by me, but i want to work with it.

As a guy, I love a good woman, and I love a good looking woman. As much as the next guy, I love the time honored past time of ogling a woman. Not straight out leering and busting out my Go-Go Gadget periscope/binoculars to see, but if she crosses my path, I'll look for a few seconds, turn away and perhaps even think less than honorable thoughts for a few seconds or more.

Is it so wrong? I'm not dating anyone. God knows I don't truly objectify women. I can talk to a woman with cleavage or a naked woman and not stare at her assets.

Having been asked "my type" before, I can't usually respond. There is no type of woman I go after. And if we're referring to strictly to the physical, outward beautify, I'm not a "tits 'n' ass" man by any means. I like a good smile any day of the week, but that's still not hitting it exactly.

Even my fetishes are less conventional. A girl in a pair of Chucks with an aroma of vanilla is drives me wild. *convulses* And personality has a great deal to do with it. If I'm bored after a few minutes of talking, or I perceive you as stupid, there is no desire to risk mixing my genetical code with yours.

Despite being a slightly oddball guy in my tastes, I still dig a beautifully figured woman on the beach (clothed or not) and a well muscled lady running laps at the park; and on that note....when you're sexy enough you don't glisten!

Where is the division between dirty guy and not a dirty guy? Can I appreciate the visual of cleavage and/or naked women (in a sexual context) and still be a classy guy? Does being honest about it change anything?


  1. The division between dirty guy and normal guy is completely subjective and depends on that woman's perception. I know some women so prudish that eye contact from a man makes them so uncomfortable that they find the guy dirty and creepy- no kidding!

  2. You made me think of something a bit irritating nowadays....

    Granted, some men are absolutely moronic and have no idea how to tactifully compliment a woman; but I see too many women (like you somewhat pointed out) get up in arms over a little attention.