Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13: The Tree....Is Still Standing....

The 13th of January and the tree is still up. Tacky? Perhaps, but it's cool. Christmas comes and goes far too quickly for my taste. In fact, I hate that they stop playing music and take down decorations all over town so quickly it's as if Christmas is a dream. The music, the decorations, the food, the family, the overall mood that settles over everyone (aside from Black Friday but that's another story). Come July I'll go through a few days to a week where I even pull out the Christmas music and rock out. I love Christmas that much!

Yet, I can't help but feel awfully embarrassed when I see people waiting for weeks and months after Christmas to pull the lights down. Worse still is when I drive by a home past January - in one case well into March - and see a tree up in the windows.

Some people really are tacky though, not just about Christmas decor, but about other things entirely.

TV tables for example. My parents use them and I hate them. Such a white trash object, but in all fairness I will set a glass on them when they're there, but I can't stand them. I will never own them, and I'd go so far as to be ungracious if ever given them.

Humorous posters in living rooms. Like Belushi from "Animal House" or the Three Stooges posters actually being in the main living area of a home. These bug me. If you're not in college, you come across as a jackass. Even then, there isn't much room in my heart for tolerance of it.

Ooh, ooh, ohh!! Stickers on the back of cars are become a distraction on the road. Sure....I'm happy that children are on honor rolls and that parents want to celebrate it, but is it really good taste for the infamous "Yeah, but I'm the guy who took your honor student's viriginity?" bumper sticker?

I'm just tired and curmudgeonly right now.

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  1. This made me laugh for multiple reasons. First - I love Christmas as well. I love giving and the joy on people's faces and the all around feeling of Christmas. That being said, I am quick as hell to get that tree down. I think this year it was down the day after. That's not me being a scrooge, I just want my damn house back and the tree is big!!! Second - I grew up with TV tables and even had little ones for the kids when they were tiny. I have to agree with you though, definitely falls into a potentially white trash decoration.