Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 27: What'cha lookin' at Vernie?

Laverne has this habit of focusing on something, and often we have no idea what it is. I'd say it's staring off into open air, but she seems so intensely set on something specific. Body's tense, and for a few minutes she can't be distracted. In this pic, I even was able to move my arms around and take a pic before she finally lost interest in whatever it was that held her attention.

Ever wonder about dogs? We're told they can't see colors the same way we can, but are they really that blind? Can they see other spectrums of light? Maybe spirits? Ghosts?!

We can learn a lot from our dogs. They require very little, but what they most desire is so simple and so profound: Love....that's all they really want or need. Give it to them, and you've developed a connection that is stronger than most anything else on Earth. Love....

On the thought of "love", there will be a heckuva blog/photo in the weeks to come.

Peace out for now, time to go wish a friend a happy 21st!

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