Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30: The Path We Walk...

Taking a Sunday stroll around Cascades yesterday, I had at one point thought of life and it's complexities - the path that I have ahead in life, and the path that I traveled up to this point. Somewhere in that thought process I noticed that my eyes were following the path ahead, quite literally. So I grabbed my Canon and snapped a few shots. Several shots taken, but this photo won out, mostly due to the similar thoughts in my head at the time.

As this is my second to the last photo of the month, I begin turning my eyes to the remaining eleven months ahead. Should I continue just taking random photos? Should I set a theme for the photos, or would that be limiting myself? Maybe a specific object or taking photos of things that begin with a specific letter? I'm wondering....

After nearly a month in, I want to begin turning it into a project of artistic learning and expression. Looking up basic ideas/lessons in photography would be a good start. Take a class maybe, or become someone's padawan learner.

Any suggestions? Where will this path lead me and can you offer any advice?

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  1. Here's an idea: How about for the month of February shoot all your pics in macro mode and limit yourself to shots inside your house?