Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12: Brown Boots & Coffee Beans

Downtown Jackson has several places of interest these days. The Michigan Theater, Jackson Coney Island, C.K. Barrymore's and several others offer several staple places at which to get your kicks. Walts offers a fun place to pick some up good healthy eats. Stop by the Catholic Shoppe and buy yourself some Jesus (statues or more).

Plenty of places to wet your whistle, but none so awesome (in my opinion) as the Jackson Coffee Co. Great coffee served by beautiful ladies (and my Bacon Brother), a fantastic atmosphere and a comfortable place to plop your rear down and have a relaxing few time.

For the better part of a couple years it was my "Friday place of business" where I would set up camp and study, socialize and imbibe caffeine for hours at a time.

Through there I made more than a few good friends. I witness a good number of Jackson natives stop in and even do a little business. Played games with friends and listened to some wonderful tunes (Friday night free live music).

To was a place within Jackson that became my place of refuge; my "Cheers" where everybody knew my name. A lot of good ideas where had there, and many pleasant memories as well.

While I no longer spend the same amount of time there, it still is a gem of a place that I love going to sit down and have a small time of good feelings, warm drinks and just get off the sidewalk.

What places do y'all have like this?

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