Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31: Cameras, cameras, cameras....

Final day of the month. What's next on the horizon? More photos of course!! But I'm embracing a theme this time around.

Despite an excellent suggestion to try macro shots out, I'm going to focus my attention to distanced/depth shots; roads, trails, paths, and the like. I've always been fond of them, and I'll try and center them around Jackson, but my occasionally branch out.

I'll keep my eye open for shots beyond these, in order to keep things random, but that will be main focus. I'm also going to start including more pics with myself in them. Not many, but I want to see myself a bit more. Vain? Perhaps...

Also, as I start reading more and more, I'm getting the urge to splurge on a new camera intended for more serious photography. Nothing expensive at all. Something entry level so I can get exposed to the world of photography and see if my interest, coupled with better equipment, can embrace it and foster an artistic talent of sorts.

The pic above is of my first digital camera, which happens to my 3rd camera ever owned. My first camera was a Spy Camera from Bill Cosby's campy spy classic "Leonard Part 6". The second camera was bought just prior to my Italy trip, and the camera above was bought prior to my excursion to Iraq. So yeah, that camera's a veteran....respect that shit!

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