Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17: Fat Kids & Comfort Foods

The past few months have not been very kind to me, but I have my methods to help pull through the darkness. Finding inspiration through reading. Borrowing strength from my friends. Reflecting that things could always be worse. All methods help, but there is one method that all of us chocolate milk lovin', pizza roll eatin', candy muchin', bane of Chinese buffets everywhere Louis Anderson look-a-likes the world over adhere to with an almost religious devotion: Eating...

By this point, if you still think that pic may be of an overweight, teenage boy's ass, then you really need to look closer.

Compliment's of Lil' Greaser's, that is a $5 special, "Hot 'n' Ready" pizza. Not the best pie in town, but the "Price is Right" (bitch) and the price happens to be the best seasoning. For $5 you can potentially feed a family of four (which is more than I can say about most Mexican men*). Throw in some crazy bread and pre-made salad, you have a very awesome meal for a few people that simply is the best value in town, as far as fast food goes.

And who doesn't like Pizza these days?

My favorite pizza in town is a hometown favorite: Jaxon Pizza Factory. You can go get the cheesiest pie in town (though I ask for lite cheese) and even the oddball Coney Dog Pizza, which happens to be a piece for another story later on. Even hated the place as a kid, because I knew Jaxon Pizza Factory meant enough cheese to gag a small cow. Ugh....

Then we also have Klavon's which is more of a gourmet, fancy, schmancy type of pizza, but nevertheless I dig 'em. Go grab a beer (which the Factory does not serve), nosh on a deep dish, and revel in the smokefree atmosphere, though I do hate that it's quite a drive just to get a meal. Though I've driven farther for sushi, so oh well.

Still, I'm more in the mood for the topic of depression foods. During the first two days marking the beginning of my shitstorm, I ate an order of cheesy bread (from Marco's) and a few ounces shy of 3lbs of cookie dough. Can I say...*GAG*?

In both cases, it was stress that made me want to eat like that, and it was stress that prevented me from truly enjoying either. I ate like a damn pig and then felt worse off.

How often does that happen to any of you? What's your favorite type of "feel better food"? And I'm not talking sentimental, comfort food. I'm talking your dog died, found out you owe the IRS, got dumped by a long time girlfriend/boyfriend type of food.

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  1. OREO ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. They are made by Klondike, I believe. They come in a 4 pack. Buy at least two boxes. Ha... the thought makes me drool.