Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 29: Coffee, Boredom & Homework Trees

Ever get to the point where you lose a sense of direction in a given task and create something ridiculous? That's just what these ladies have done the other day at the Jackson Coffee Co. Finding no motivation in their study time, they decided to create a "homework tree".

Just a few months back, I had to really dig deep and remember how to fold a "cootie catcher". Remember those? Brings to mind a number of childish things I have done over the years, with particular fondness of the sixth grade.

Using a large bag of industrial rubber bands, I cut and tied them together with the intent of creating an extremely large rubbed band with the capability of stretching for quite a large distance. Then you could put a paper football in one end, and use it as a slingshot. Yes, I made more than a couple because my sixth grade teacher, Miss Schweda kept taking them away from me.

A friend and I, Herr Karatz, used to forge makeshift ninja weapons out of random materials. Divider strips for carpets/floors being used to make katanas. Hunks of wood and dog chains being used for nunchuks. Bo staffs were simple enough. And this all happened because were young boys crazy about some mutated turtles trained in ninjitsu.

Wasting time...can potentially lead to the best of times!

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