Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 14: Crossing the Rubicon....

I love games! Board games in particular, but video games, card games and the silly little games we used to play as children; i.e. hide-n-seek, Red Rover, etc.

Friday evening I made a triumphant return to my Friday place of business with a goal in mind. My goal: to throw down some cards and light up the Euchre world! So...I sent out the challenge to a number of friends to come join for several rounds and maybe a gourmet coffee while we're at it.

Three friends answered the call, and answered with vigor!

My friends Bill, Jen and Katie were in attendance and we got down to it. Of course, the energy surrounding the game was less serious as we talked random topics, commented on the live, acoustic music, and life in general. It was good night, and I was glad to share it with friends.

Some of the plans we started to make was to meet up again, and once again play some games. Scrabble maybe. Chess too. Payday, Monopoly, Life.....any game we want.

A relative and I years ago started playing Monopoly as a sort of tradition. Usually on New Year's Eve or at family parties, but it would turn into a marathon of Monopoly. Hours and hours would go by and we'd try and play it to it's very end. And not many people will do that, play Monopoly to it's end. It's a helluva long game, no matter how fun.

I'm already thinking to merge games with an adult tone. Just think....Hungry, Hungry Hippos as a drinking game. Monopoly with the option of trading clothing for more money. Chess with the idea of taking a shot of beer with every move that you don't take an opponent's piece.

Of course, sometimes it's just fun to play the game. :)

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  1. I LOVE playing games. Thankfully, the people we choose to spend the majority of our weekends with also enjoy playing games. While the summer time generally means weekends spent drinking beers poolside, winter means game time. We play card games and board games and whatever games we can find. I, personally, think it's a rather good way to bond with people.