Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20: S'up Webcam (hehe)

Several photos were taken as a potential for today's shot, but as I was sitting at my 'puter I thought of using the built in web cam to take a shot. So I did. And here it is, without any artform to it, and with very little emotion or story behind it.

Yet, it's been for awhile now, to take an occasional snapshot of myself, post it, and be able to see myself throughout the year. Maybe once or twice a week, for interval spacing.

I think I'll do that. Once a week I'll include a shot of me in some form or fashion. With a friend, at school, studying, playing a game or whatever comes to mind. Whether it'll be a self shot in the style of MySpace profile pics, or if I have someone else take the shot. In the past I've even take weight loss progress photos to help motivate myself, so maybe I'll do that.

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