Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4: Coffee, cronies, and computers...OH MY!

Sitting at the Lazy Mexican last evening (Biggby for the rest of you too PC to call it "Beaners") I had the company of several of my wonderful friends. Had more than a few laughs, and an all around good time having our Macbooks double up on one another. Also cool, because it's the first time I've seen Liz in a coon's age AND there is a Beaners & JCo logo right next to each other.

Liz's grandfather, George Hunt, lived next door to my family growing up, and I remember he'd pester me every so often about joining scouts. When I turned 11, he asked (again) if I'd be interested in scouts, this time the Boy Scouts rather than lesser, so I decided to give the persistent old guy some satisfaction and accompany him to a meeting. Never would I have expected the outcome of that meeting.

A total of 7 years was I involved in scouting. And not that I was wholeheartedly devoted to the idea of scouting as it's founders likely intended. I really was not interested in having the most merit badges or having the longest list of accolades. It was a social thing for me.

My family was not very active in a lot of camping and outdoor activities, and this appealed to me. One weekend a month spent camping and a week+ in the summer. It was fantastic! I could get outside, hang out with a bunch of guys, however nerdy sometimes, and have some crazy times.

I learned how to play Euchre through the scouts even. Score!

In the end I gave it up due to poor direction the troop was taking, thanks to shoddy leadership, but I still look fondly on it. And if I have a son interested in scouts, I'd support him, but I hope that I don't lose my interest in doing all sorts of outdoor activities; to be able to instill him (or any child) with a sense of love for the outdoors would be great!

Full circle to the beginning of blog: I met Liz not through her Grandfather as much as the girl working the camp store during summer camp. Her family had a great deal to do with the camp, and she was no exception. Hell, they named a museum at Camp Teetohnka after George Hunt, due to his contribution to the scouting community.

Now I wonder if that camp even has the same name.....or is even there. Yes, I've been out of touch that long.

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