Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 143: Sticky Burger @ The Roadhouse

Ignore the chips. Ignore the lower half of the burger. Draw your attention to the thick looking substance on upper half of the bun. If you're guess is that it looks like peanut butter, then you win a cookie. Not that I'm going to give you any damn cookie, but I give you permission to eat one.

If you're gagging at the thought of peanut butter on your burger, let me fill you in on the whole shebang. Burger, onions, bacon (score!), BBQ sauce, and peanut butter. Think you could dig on that? Don't think so? Well, let me run a few other tried and beloved food combinations in the same vein.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a breakfast to me is an assortment of eggs, toast, pancakes, bacon and sausage and so on. My two favorite components of any breakfast are pancakes and bacon, though good sausage - bulk, not links - will work in a pinch.

How many times have you accidentally let the syrup from your pancakes touch the bacon? Hm? Maybe you're one of those people who just doesn't let it happen. And it's all good. You don't dig, you don't dig, but likely it has happened, and like many others you have found it to be indescribably delicious. The maple syrup flavor almost goes better with the bacon than it does with the actual intended target of the pancakes. The tear-worthy mixture of sweet and salty hits your tongue ushering you into a new world of loveliness. The duos of milk & cookies, PB & J, Amos & Andy, lovemaking & powertools should count syrup and bacon amongst them.

Running with the beautiful taste of the two mixed together, I want you to consider other examples you might have never thought workable. Frosty & french fries, Cap'n & Coke, chocolate covered pretzels, and, my personal favorite, chocolate covered bacon. I'm pretty limited in the weird combination arena myself, though I also consider Bareman's & Jackson Style Coney Dogs to be a match made in heaven.

Point being: could you, after the few examples I've made, be willing to give it a try? I haven't tried it yet, that burger was someone else's, but I'm in the mood to do so. What do you think? Are you up to it? Or there other combinations you'd like to point out? Does the whole concept seem disgusting to you?

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