Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 124: Decent View...

Late in the day I looked out my bedroom window and had a pleasant thought: it looks like Spring out there. There isn't any snow, there isn't any rain, and there isn't any gloom in the skies, though you can't really see that because I'm not taking a pic of the sky (just take my word for it).

It's funny. When it gets to a certain point, I begin wearing shorts regardless of the temperature. It might only be 60 degrees Fahrenheit peak temperature of the day, but my ass is in Summer mode and I want to show off skin.

Pants still have a very prominent role, because I'm more likely to wear pants on the bike than shorts, though I'll still wear shorts on the bike when the weather hits high 80's and I'm only rolling around town.

I'm ready for shorts and flip flops. Girls in summer dresses. Swim suits, sandals, ball caps and sunglasses, ice cream on a hot day, and beer out on the deck with a grilled boiger in my hands. Sleeveless shirts while flying down the hallway on two wheels. Falling asleep on a lake front. Camping in tents.....the list could go on forever.

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