Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 145: Bonfire at the Bastion of Backhand Billy Buffcock's!!

Two days prior Buffcock had mentioned wanting to put together something a little more..."buff" looking for his firepit. Up to that point, he was rocking one of those small metal jobs that come with a cover. Cool and convenient though it was, it didn't hold heat as well, and consequently you had to really get close to the fire to feel the heat. While this isn't a bad thing when you're purposely encouraging a fine young lady to get a bit cozier, if you get my drift ;)

So...Monday afternoon, after a few warm drinks to help lift the mood on a cloudy day, we found ourselves at Menards picking out bricks to make a wall. We only picked up enough to run the first level around the pit's perimeter, but liking the way it looked, we ran out to pick up the rest and - in the dark - finished putting it up in the dark.

A week later came the first opportunity to actually fire it up (bad pun intended), and this photo is showing the fruits of our labor.

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