Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 136: So Young She Knows Not What She Does

Okay, she's safe, but I like to joke about my uncontrollable urges regarding a woman - young lady in this case - adorning her pods with Chuck Taylor's All-Stars. In any event, a less attractive girl wearing Chucks will be instantly made more attractive just by wearing them. Normal girls, preppy girls, grunge girls, punk girls, country girls....throw that girl in a pair of Chucks and it's instant eroticism clouding all of my judgment.

Wearing Chucks in different situations appeals to me. Weddings? I would bet a lot of dough that it's already happened. Graduations? A given. There are so many cases where wearing Chucks makes a person or situation extra cool.

She totally doesn't look happy in this pic, but who knows? Proms always seemed like more hype than actual fun.

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