Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 133: I"m super pissed.... myself. I had a total of seven photos to pick for Wednesday. I say "had" because I no longer have them. I transferred them over, but somehow they're no longer in my iPhoto collection. I've done a search using the sequential numbers that they would have (as they're taken) to no luck.

So.....without much Fanfare, I offer you another pic from a single event to stand in it's place. I'll get the street sign pics again, but oddly felt compelled to somehow admit my mistake and think on it. 133 days before I made a mistake with the system I have going. Not too shabby really.

Okay, minor correction. This and the previous day's photo were from Wednesday, and the lost one was from Tuesday. It was on Wednesday night the fire happened.

Man....I really need to update everyday.

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