Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 127: My Bacon Sistuh!

My humor is a bit crass at times (say it ain't so). Often, it's misinterpreted as blatant rudeness. Such as in the case of another Jackson Coffee Co employee, "Danger."

At the meeting of Danger and myself, we were talking about Chinese food and how awesome it is to sit down and go to town with a favorite genre food. I felt I'd stumbled upon a kindred spirit, a fellow "fat kid." Of course, never should one just spit out "fat kid" to anyone that was at one point a much heavier person than they are now. For the record, she's a very, very lovely person. Giggitus Maximus!

Madeline and I didn't have quite as similar meeting, though I won't say it was any more cordial. It centered around...Bacon.

After meeting my bacon brother in JCo, I've run a bit of a joke on the employees there that I don't know well; to test them if I'll get along with them. In most cases the test starts as a simple question: "do you like Bacon?" In their answer is no, I follow up with the questions, "are you Jewish" or "are you vegetarian?" Those are the only two excusable reasons I can think of for not liking Bacon, but if they aren't Jewish or vegetarian and they still do not like Bacon than I am wary around them. Madeline was one of those who said "no" to the first question, and also to the following questions. Also didn't help that at first we really had no chemistry at JCo. Not that there was anything wrong with her, but a friendship wasn't there for some time.

Since then, she has become one of my very favorite people to see at JCo. Though I don't see her often enough, and I have to endure her absences in Coffee Co companionship during the summers as she retires to a less abysmal place of residence out West (*sob*), I've come to love her disposition and presence at JCo. I dare say, I'd be excited as all hell to see her out of the coffee shop, at a firing perhaps. *WINK WINK*

And for the record, she has since dug deep and found her innate love of Bacon, thus also establishing herself as my Bacon Sister.

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