Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 94: A Swift Boot the Arse!!

Growing up our Pops was a bit short and to the point; gruff even. Some days, his worse days, he was a straight up ass turd. On his best days, he was Superman with a belly.

This particular shot reminds me of all the times he'd snap at us - us being my sisters and me - whenever he'd open the oven. Immediately prior to opening the oven, he'd give us a sharp warning to back, sometimes giving us a shove to make sure we got back fast enough. Then after closing the oven he'd stand up, back up, and, in rare cases, trip over someone, he'd yell at whoever it was in the way. Heh...

In this shot, he didn't yell or snap at anyone, but it didn't stop a sister and I from doing what we'd do under the same circumstances all those years ago. Make jokes and gestures behind his back. :D

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