Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 115: Rated "P" for Perverse

Video games are part of my life, have been since I was very young and all there was to play was an Intellivision (which I still own). There was also Pong on some Magnavox built system, but it was all about the Intellivision for me.

While in Kentucky visiting my big sis and her hubby there were two significant events: during the road trip down there we had an in-car jacuzzi (a busted ass fiesta carrying three kids in the back that was collecting water during the torrential El Niño downpours) and I was introduced to the Nintendo Entertainment System, more affectionately known as the NES (each letter spoken). It was love at first sight.

At the time it was only Mario, but eventually I began a video game love affair with Samus Aran, the entire Belmont family, the Battletoads (hardest fucking game in history) and many others. Can't forget Mega Man, Ducktales (a hell of a game), Dragon Warrior, and Final Fantasy. So many games, so much fun, so many fond memories.

NES gave way to the SNES, though my first love will always be the standard to which all others are compared. SNES gave way to N64 & Playstation. The evolution from simple to complex was filled with a great deal of fun and awesome time wasted when I could have been out getting into trouble and maybe losing my virginity.

Speaking of things sexual, I want to point out that I did in fact get a mild thrill - very mild - when I discovered that you could play Metroid with Samus out of her armor. Mortal Kombat came along and I, as well as the multitudes of horny teenage boys destined to be gynecologists, sought after the fabled, elusive, and very non-existent "nudalities" so we could get a glimpse of Sonya Blade in her birthday suit. Let's not even talk about Leisure Suit Larry games.... funny.... but not "hot" and a story for another time. Can't forget the innovations pioneered by the Grand Theft Auto games either. *nods*

In the course of my sexual awakenings, however, I quickly realized the unhealthiness of playing video games with the purpose of seeing in-game nudity. Moreover, I began looking down on games that touted overt sexual content. Usually, this sexual advertising became a selling point for an otherwise lame game.

Now, this game photo above will go unidentified; to test either the real fans or the perverts out there. I will acknowledge that it is (and the games prior) a great game. Incredible fun and amazing story. Also to point out is that I had no idea such gratuitous skin was in the game. The games weren't even advertised with the nudity in mind. I know, however, that the inclusion of such visuals in the game is the work of either someone who is very perverse, someone who knows the game will sell due to the nudity, or both. Maybe the person just wanted to see naked tits, which is cool I guess. I like boobs as much as the next person (right Kakes? Dicks are for chicks, but titties are for everybody), but I don't really see a purpose to them being in this game. Do they add to the game? No. Do they detract from the game? Negative on that count too.

Thoughts? I mean, I love these games, but is it sick for this to be part of the gaming industry? First amendment be damned; just because we can, doesn't mean we should. I may protect that right of ours, but I wonder.....

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