Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 118: Seven Ninjas Are Hiding In This Pic

Okay, maybe there aren't any ninjas in this pic, but there is someone just chilling in an out of the ordinary place. I feel like I should get a Waldo outfit for him for shits and giggles.

Speaking of which, I've wanted a "Waldo" tattoo for some time. Location undecided, and also undecided is whether or not I'll ever get it. It would be a hilarious tattoo, but I try to keep the goofy tattoos to a bare minimum.

I know that several of the people who read this will think or say, "but you have a damn 'Kool-Aid Man' tattoo!"

And they're right, I do have Kool-Aid Man on my skin. Which is funny as shit to me.

Most of my tattoos are though out processes. Several that have yet to be started/completed, but have been in the works for upwards of six years. Some will remain "in the works" for longer still. Some are conditional pieces, meaning I won't get them 'til I achieve some goal.

Ah well.....I'm dry for thoughts. 'Til next time boppers.

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