Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 100: Wow.....100 Days Already?!

This posting marks 100 days of holding true to this project. You might think that I've have a really bomb ass couple of photos to throw up here, but nope. I do, however, have more than one photo to post, so let's get movin'.

Outside of one of our finer local establishments - Jacksonian Cuisine if you will - a guy rolled up in his Honda to run and get a few Coney dogs. You'd think he'd have noticed that he was equal distance from either car on the sides, but that would be an incorrect assumption. You think he'd have moved his car when he noticed that he parked directly on the yellow divider line. Again, that would be an incorrect assumption. Maybe he just wanted to walk in, grab an order and leave. Nope; he sat down for the long haul.


Fortunately for said douche, a good friend was next to me, which directly contributed to me NOT keying the guy's car. I so wanted to key his car, and I would have too. Thanks Billy Reuben, for saving this guy's paint job. However, the cop who walked not from his car and didn't notice can choke on his damn Coney dog. Were "I" to have parked like that, there is little chance it would have gone unnoticed.

Oh well.......NEXT PHOTO!!!!

The below shot was taken around 2am upon arriving home, as I was frying up some Spam.

Made me wonder, how many people actually think about something simple as applying mustard to a bun. Whether it be a bun or slice of bread, I have a tendency to squirt it on the bun in the shape of an "M" or a "W". Some people do circles, some in the shape of an "X." Others something I can't right now imagine.

Just an oddball thought.

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  1. Oh good grief - Megan prefers hers in a smiley face.