Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 106: A Jackson Icon

The exact age escapes me, but at one point in my life I discovered of what the Coney meat on a Jackson Coney hot dog consisted . Years passed before I had another. Years passed before I overcame the distaste of the Coney meat ingredient and remembered, "those fuckers taste awesome!"

My favorite Coney Dogs come from Jaxon Pizza Factory, but Jackson Coney Island is the next best thing. A major bonus of the Jackson Coney Island is from Friday morning to Sunday evening, they remain open the whole damn time. SCORE! So this means that at 1am, should I get a hunger for a Coney Dog walking out of the Gentleman's club next door, I can roll right over and order up a few. Not that I really would be at the titty bar, but's that the option exists.

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