Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 108: Mean Dog

Vernie is a snuggle lovin' dog, that's for damn sure. More than a few times I've rolled over on top of her during the night because she was so close to me (and I wasn't aware). With kids too and with other dogs. Well...most dogs. The one dog she isn't a fan of is "Cutie," named by my highly unimaginative nephew. His first dog was named "Boy Dog;" you read that right, "Boy Dog."

I'm laying in a reclining chair in this shot, taking a POV pic of the two dogs. Vernie was the first in the chair with me, as sometimes I have to floss my ass cheeks to get her away from me. When she realized that the other dog was planning on jumping up after her, she worked her way up to lay on my chest. She even buried her face under the fold of my robe, for protection from Cutie or just warmth I have no idea. Seeing this I decided to wrap her up as snug as a bug in a rug :P

Always wanted to use that in a good context!

Makes me sad, because she's not mean to Cutie, but she won't play with her. Not one bit. Other dogs she'll curl up with and snooze as if they're best buds. Granted, Cutie is a bit rough, but this past couple days she's been mellow as hell. Vernie is merely tolerating her, I think.

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